Onion Pakoda Recipe

Onion Pakoda is a yummy, crispy evening snack. A cup of tea/Coffee with spicy onion pakoda is a wonderful combination. Onion Pakoda is one of the popular evening snack in many fast food shops / pantries / restaurants. We can make many variations of pakoda like Oats Pakoda / Semiya pakoda / Cashewnuts pakoda / peanuts pakoda. Whatsoever new variations we make, the conventional onion pakoda is always a big hit in my family. Especially, during cloudy / rainy days, a cup of hot coffee / tea with a bowl of onion pakoda would make the evening more wonderful.

Onion Pakoda Recipe
Onion Pakoda Recipe

Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time20 mins 
Recipe CategoryMain
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Onion Pakoda Recipe
Onion Pakoda Recipe

Onion2 medium sized
Gram (Besan) Flour1/2 Cup
Rice Flour1/4 Cup
Coriander Leaves1 tablespoon chopped
Curry Leavesfew
Saltto taste
Red Chilli Powder1/2 teaspoon
OilFor Frying

Onion Pakoda Recipe
Onion Pakoda Recipe

  1. Finely chop the onions lengthwise and keep it aside. Take a bowl and add besan flour, rice flour and salt, red chilli powder and mix well . 

  2. Add  onions, coriander leaves, curry leaves and mix well with hand. Do not add water. Try to mix the flours and coat them in the onions with hand pressure. If you feel very dry, just sprinkle very little water and mix well

  3. Heat oil in a pan for frying the pokoda. Add 2 teaspoon of hot oil to the pakoda mixture and mix well. When the oil is hot enough, take one hand full of pakoda mixture and gently drop it in oil. Do not add them as a bunch, try to split them while adding it in oil.  Gently mix them with spatula and keep the flame in medium and fry them evenly on all sides. When the onions are fried nicely and the pakodas are crispy, remove them flame and place it in a paper towel to remove excess oil. Repeat the same steps for remaining pakoda mixture

  4. The yummy crispy onion Pakoda is ready to serve.
  5. Onion Pakoda Recipe
    Onion Pakoda Recipe

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Yummy...... but i use to put little jeera and omam it gives nice flavour. All your dishes arw tooooo goood



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