Paal Sadam

Paal Sadam, easy to do kids loving recipe. Paal Sadam is the neivedhyam dish for Navratri day 8 which is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. 

Paal Sadam
Paal Sadam

Preparation Time-
Cooking Time15 mins

Ingredients :
Raw Rice1/2 Cup
Milk1/2 Cup
Sugar2 tablespoon

  1. Pressure cook the raw rice and allow it to cool off
  2. Mash the cooked rice nicely 
  3. Add milk to the rice and mix evenly
  4. Add sugar and mix well. We can also add roasted cashews but it is optional
  5. The delicious Paal Sadam is ready to serve or for Neivedhyam
Paal Sadam
Paal Sadam

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I have a baby who is 4m old. When she was born, doctors advised that cow's milk should not be given upto a year. Please let me know what was followed in earlier days? Also, toddlers of what age can be fed with Paal Sadam? Thank you Aunty :)

Hi Padma, 4 months is so early to start with solid foods as the digestive system of the baby wouldn't be grown enough to digest solid foods. So to start with soak 1 teaspoon of raagi(Kezhvaragu) in water for 30 minutes minimum. It is even better to soak the ragi overnight also. Then grind the soaked raagi in the mixer. You will get raagi extract. This wouldn't be a smooth paste, instead it will be like a milk. Just strain the ragi milk to remove the grains from the milk. Then add the ragi milk to a bowl or pan and keep stirring in low flame add water slowly and keep stirring atleast for 10 minutes till we get a thick paste. You might get paste immediately but keep adding water so that the ragi would be cooked properly. Finally remove from flame allow it to cool of fully and add very little cane sugar(panagkalkandu) and feed the baby. Start with a teaspoon of raagi porridge and steady your baby's reaction. If her stool is asusual then her body is ready for little semi-solid foods. For 1 st week start with 1 teaspoon slowly increase the quantity. Hope this helps. You can also see some purees in this link which would also be helpful for you.

Thank you Aunty. Will start on the Raagi Kanji at the earliest :)
I came across your blog while I searching for a recipe. Now I have become a huge fan of you & your blog. I'm from a Tamil Iyer family. After marriage, I used to miss my Mom's cooking a lot.. With your blog, I can make them at home now :)



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