Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)

Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes), a famous dish in Russia, referred as Russian Tea Cakes which is very scrumptious and often served with Tea. This yummy plump and round sugared cookies look like snowballs. I have used hazelnuts. But you can substitute with Almonds or walnuts too. Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes) with a cup of Green Tea , a great combination to start our day. Want to taste sugared snow ball cookies???

Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)
Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)

Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Yield12 Cookies

Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)
Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)


Butter***75g / 5 tablespoon
Icing Sugar25g / 3 tablespoon + 1/4 Cup(For dusting)
Hazelnuts**1/3 Cup* (40-50 grams)
Vanilla Essence1/4 teaspoon
All Purpose Flour100g / 2/3 Cup

*** Butter should be in room temperature

** Hazelnuts can be replaced by almonds or walnuts
* I have used 1 Cup capacity of 250ml

Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)
Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)

  1. Preheat the Oven at 180 degree Celsius (350 degree F) 
  2. Heat a pan and dry roast the hazelnuts for 2 minutes in medium flame. Remove the nuts from flame and allow it to cool off. Meanwhile, take the butter and icing sugar in a bowl and mix it well with a whisk until smooth

  3. Take the roasted hazelnuts in the mixer and give a pulse to break them into pieces. Do not powder it. We should have bits and pieces to have a nice crunch

  4. Add the hazelnut pieces to the bowl of sugar and butter and add vanilla essence and all purpose flour and mix well to make a dough

  5. Then with your cool hands, Take some dough and make small lemon sized balls. You can make 12 equal sized balls out of this dough. Place the rolled balls in the baking tray lined with foil. Put the tray in the oven and bake it for 12 minutes. I have a small tray and hence I did it in batches. Once we hear the beep or indication, carefully remove the baking tray by wearing your oven gloves

  6. Take a bowl with 1/4 cup of icing sugar. When the cookies are still hot, gently take them and dip it in the icing sugar to coat them evenly and then place it in wire rack to cool them. When the cookies are cooled off completely, again coat them in the icing sugar. 

  7. The delicious Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes) is now ready to serve with Tea / Coffee
  8. Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)
    Hazelnut Tea Cookies (Tea Cakes)

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Madam,Can you please tell us how many grams of hazalnut we should take?
I made the cookies today. There was a doubt of how many grams of hazalnut to take since other ingrediants are in grams.Thanks a lot.

Hi Jayanthi, You can use 40-50 grams of Hazalnut.



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