Oats Peanuts Ladoo

Oats Peanuts Ladoo, a delicious and healthy sweet dish. When I started with Oats varieties, First thing I learnt is that we can prepare different varieties of dishes with Oats and mainly whatever dishes we make with Semolina,we can make them with Oats. So initially I thought of making Oats ladoo like we do for Maaladu and Rawa Ladoo, but later I decided to do healthier with Jaggery instead of Sugar. It is a great delight and we can gift this for our friends and relatives...
Lets see the method now...

Oats Peanuts Ladoo
Oats Peanuts Ladoo

Oats Peanuts Ladoo
Oats Peanuts Ladoo

Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time 20 mins

Oats Peanuts Ladoo
Oats Peanuts Ladoo


Oats *200gms / 1 Cup
Roasted Peanuts200gms / 1 Cup
Sesame Seeds1Tablespoon
Jaggery1/2 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/2 teaspoon
Ghee1 tablespoon
* I have used Quick Quaker Oats.

Perfect delight for a Sweet Box!!!
Oats Peanuts Ladoo
Oats Peanuts Ladoo

  1. Take roasted peanuts in a mixer. I used store bought roasted peanuts. If it is a raw peanut, dry roast it in the pan and then take it in a mixer. Grind the peanuts to a coarse powder

  2. Heat a pan and dry fry the sesame seeds and fry till it becomes crisp and slightly brown color. Add the roasted sesame seeds to the crushed jaggery. I grind the jaggery in mixer so that it is crushed nicely and have wetness in that to mix all ingredients

  3. Dry roast the oats for 3-4 minutes till they become light brown color. Add the roasted oats to the bowl having sesame seeds with jaggery, Also add coarse peanuts powder to the bowl with cardamom powder and ghee 

  4. Mix all the ingredients nicely with your hand to make like a dough. Make small ladoos out of the dough and keep it aside for atleast 1 hour for the ladoos to set it nicely

  5. The yummy and healthy Oats Peanuts Ladoo is ready for serving.
  6. Oats Peanuts Ladoo
    Oats Peanuts Ladoo

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Just finished making this super simple yet delicious ladoo. It certainly took a little over 1 tbsp of ghee for me and i added cahews and raisins for additional texture. Sure my husband is going to love it. Kudos Maami! Keep the oats recipes coming.

wonderful maami. tried this ... ghee consumption negligible quantity...very easy to prepare. l and response was " nimishattil choooooo"

Hi I tried this but the sadest part of I couldnt make the mixture into ladoos. When ever I tried its breaking. Pls tell me how to rectify and point me what mistake I would have done.. thanks..
Ps:but we had that even if I cant make ladoos. Tasted very nice:)

Hi Vasudhara, sorry to hear about that. You could add more ghee to make it greasy so that you could hold it and make laddoo or even you can wet your hands with water a little and then try making the laddoos. Hope that works.

Please suggest me to prepare with boiled jaggery..?

mam how to store it inside fridge or what is the shelf life
thanks in advance

we can store it in air-tight container and put it in fridge. the shelf life is about a week



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