Broccoli Paruppu Usili

Broccoli is a one of the very healthy vegetable which is packed with dozens of nutrients. This is one of the vegetable which the nutritionists are recommending to have multiple times a week. We can include broccoli as part of our daily salads. I tried the fusion between usili and Broccoli which turned out very good. Normally we do usili with beans, vazhaipoo, broadbeans and this experience of cooking is awesome.

Broccoli Paruppu Usili
Broccoli Paruppu Usili

The Broccoli tasted so nice with the crumbled and cooked dal and it was a great combination for any type of rasam. Broccoli cooks in no time and hence doing Broccoli Paruppu Usili recipe doesn't require more time. So hope you will also enjoy doing this recipe!!

Broccoli Paruppu Usili
Broccoli Paruppu Usili
Preparation TimeSoaking overnight the dals
Cooking Time 20mins

Broccoli Paruppu Usili
Broccoli Paruppu Usili


Broccoli Bunch2
Thur dal1/4 Cup*
Channa dal1/4 Cup
Red Chilli2
Hinga Pinch
SaltTo Taste
Turmerica Pinch

* The measurement cup that i have used is 250 ml capacity.

For Seasoning:

Oil1 teaspoon
Mustard Seeds1 teaspoon
Split Urid dal1 teaspoon

Broccoli Paruppu Usili
Broccoli Paruppu Usili

  1. Soak the Dal's in water over night or in hot boiling water for at least 2 hours. 
  2. Pluck the florets from the bunch. Let us have very small florets as they will cook fast. First we will saute the broccoli separately in a pan. Heat a pan and add oil. When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds starts to sputter, add split urid dal and fry them till they turn golden brown color. Then add the broccoli florets and mix well

  3. Add salt and turmeric and saute the florets in oil in medium-high flame for 5 minutes. The florets will cook quickly. If the stem is too thick, we can cut them and add it to the pan. Take out the cooked and seasoned broccoli from flame to a plate. Now we are going to prepare crumbled dal (Usili).

  4. Rinse the Dal's and strain the water and grind it in mixer once along with red chilli, hing and salt without adding water

  5. The ground mixture should be coarse. Heat the oil in the pan, and add the ground paste and keep the flame in low

  6. Allow the ground paste to cook in oil and it will crumble down into smaller pieces. Finally add the cooked broccoli and mix well with the crumbled dals. 

  7. The yummy Broccoli Paruppu Usili is ready to serve with hot rice. 
  8. Broccoli Paruppu Usili
    Broccoli Paruppu Usili

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Fantastic photos, and step by step instructions...very important for beginners like myself. Love your zest for cooking....I don't enjoy cooking but, these yummy & so far easy recipes just may enjoy my kitchen. Sadly, not very printer friendly.

I was pleasantly surprised to see broccoli puruppusili . Thanks for guidance. I am so happy to see that with conventional cooking, Madam is also innovative in trying out new receipies and coming out with flying colours. Keep it up. I am going to try this dish.



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