Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu

Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu, a diet style of kuzhambu. Chickpeas are very healthy as they are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. They are the good source of protein for vegetarians. Nutritions also say that Regular intake of Chickpeas can lower LDL (bad) and total cholesterol. Due to high fiber content and low GI, chickpeas are excellent for weight loss diets. Salad with chickpeas are tasty and can keep you full longer, controlling the appetite.
Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu
Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 

I have given a healthy and diet masala kuzhambu with chickpeas. Another simple and healthy kuzhambu cooked with other vegetables in pressure cooker. As it is a diet recipe, we are not going to add any tamarind and we are substituting with tomatoes. To make chickpeas digestible, we are going to add garlic and ginger. 

Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu
Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 
Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins

Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu
Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 

Chickpeas3/4 Cup*
Shallots1/2 cup
Red Chilli Powder1 teaspoon
Coriander Powder1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder1/2 teaspoon
Chopped Coriander Leaves1/4 Cup
SaltTo taste

For Grinding:
Green Chilli2
Garlic Cloves6-7 pieces
Ginger1 inch piece
Oil1/2 teaspoon

* 1 Cup Capacity = 250ml
For Seasoning:
Oil1/2 teaspoon
Fennel Seeds1 teaspoon
Cinnamon Stick1

Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu
Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 

  1. Soak the chickpeas in water overnight and pressure cook it. Allow it for 2-3 whistles to cook the chickpeas soft and not mushy. Finely chop the onions, shallots, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and green chillies. Heat a pan and add oil and add chopped ginger and garlic and saute it for a minute. Then add green chillies, onion along with salt and saute the onions for 2 minutes and remove from flame

  2. Take the sauted onions along with other ingredients to the mixer along with a tablespoon of cooked chickpeas and grind it to a nice paste 

  3. Heat the pan and add remaining 1/2 teaspoon of oil and add cinnamon, cloves and fennel seeds when the oil is hot and fry them for 10 seconds. Then add chopped onions and tomatoes and salt and allow them to cook for 2 minutes

  4. To this add turmeric powder, coriander powder and red chilli powder and mix well. Now add the chopped carrots and drumstick and stir fry in medium flame for a minute

  5. Finally add cooked chick peas and ground paste and mix well. Add necessary salt for the kuzhambu and remember we have already added some salt while sauting the onions. Remove from flame and take it in a vessel and keep it inside the pressure cooker. 

  6. Allow for 2 whistles and switch off the flame and allow the pressure to release on its own and then open the pressure cooker and garnish it with chopped coriander leaves

  7. The yummy and healthy Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 
  8. Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu
    Channa (Chickpeas) Masala Kuzhambu 

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Dear subbuji
I don't understand why tamarind is bad for health. My mom cooks tamarind gravy dishes everyday. I can ask her to cut down if I know the reason. Thanks arthy

Yes, how removing tamarind can make it a diet recipe. Lots of wrong notions going around about tamarind. Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, recipes use them regularly and it is considered to have several medicinal properties too. We have a mild and moderate use with a balanced diet. So, why should we ban tamarind or a regular sambhar? It is a digestive, that is why the rasam is kept in between two courses, isn't it?



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