Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi

We usually tasted Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi which we got from the sweet shop. But have you ever wondered if we can make Kaju Katli in home with the same level taste and texture? Trust me, it's very easy to prepare and you can surprise your family with the home made Kaju Katli.

Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi
Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi

There are 2 ways to prepare this yummy Kaju Katli. One method is grinding the dry cashews and then preparing a sugar syrup and mix this cashew powder and prepare Katli. Other method is by soaking cashews in water for 1 hour and then grinding it to a paste and to that paste sugar is added and mixed in a low flame to get thicker dough. Here, I have shown the first method of preparing Kaju Katli. Both the methods give the ultimate taste. Lets see the procedure now...

Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi
Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi

Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time 15 mins
Yield20-22 Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi
Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi


Cashews1 Cup*
Sugar1/2 Cup*
Milk1 tablespoon
Water1/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/4 teaspoon
Ghee2  teaspoon

* 1 cup capacity = 250 ml
  1. Take a flat plate and grease it with ghee. Also grease the rolling pin with little ghee. First lets get ready with our ingredients. If you have stored the cashews in refrigerator, then take it out and bring it to a room temperature. If you are using whole cashews, then break it to two. Take the cashews in a dry mixer and grind it to a powder. Sometimes the ground powder might be mushy, do not panic, while mixing this ground cashew with the sugar syrup, this would become smooth. 

  2. Heat a pan and add sugar and water and mix well. Let the sugar dissolves in water and keep stirring it in low flame until we get a one-string consistency. We can test the one-string consistency in 2 ways. First, we can take a drop of sugar syrup and rub it in between thumb and point finger and if we move the fingers apart, we should be able to see single string forming in-between the two fingers. Other method is, just pour a drop of sugar syrup in a bowl of water and you could see it forms a ring without getting dissolved in water. 

  3. Now, at this point we need to add our ground cashew powder and keep mixing it with a flat spatula continuously. Within few minutes, we could see our Kaju mixture starts forming like a dough without sticking on the sides of the pan, at this point add milk, cardamom powder and ghee and keep stirring. 

  4. Within one minute, we could be able to see the dough getting still more thickening. Switch off the flame and keep stirring as we have still heat in the pan. The milk added is optional, it just gives a good texture to the Kaju mixture. Take a small piece of kaju mixture and if you roll it, it should roll it to a ball. This is the correct stage to remove the kaju mixture from the flame. Allow the kaju mixture to cool off for a while and then with your hands nicely knead it to a dough and place the dough in the greased plate and using a rolling pin roll it to a thin and big circle. 

  5. Generally Kaju Katlis are little thin than the other burfi varieties. Once rolled, using a knife, cut the kaju mixture into diamond pieces. Gently remove each diamond shaped Kaju Katlis in serving plate

  6. The mouth-watering Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi is now ready to serve!

Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi
Kaju Katli | Cashew Burfi

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Hi subbu ji,
Very well explained. Iam going to try tomorrow and let you know the outcome. Thanks Arthy

Just now tried now. It came out well. Thanks for the recipe.

Hi sowmya ,
your way of cooking is easy and can easily grasps things while viewing your picture demo thank you keep going :)



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