Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

Kal Dosa (Kal Dosai), yet another sponge variety of dosa. This is one of the famous SouthIndian breakfast dish in most of the restaurants. Kal dosa is slightly thicker than the traditional dosa. Generally, in my younger days, my mom used iron tawa for kal dosa, but now in these days, we all are using non-stick tawa. We need to make thick dosa and we have to cook it only on one side. We can see lots of small pores around the dosa and the dosa would be very soft.

Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai
Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

Kal Dosa with Kara Chutney is one of the famous combination served in hotels. We can serve this soft kal dosa with Tiffin Sambar or other types of chutney too.

Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai
Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

Preparation Time8-12 hours
Cooking Time 30 mins
Yield25 Dosas

Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai
Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

Parboiled Rice1 Cup
Raw Rice1 Cup
Urid Dal1/2 Cup
Fenugeek Seeds1/2 teaspoon
SaltTo Taste
OilFor cooking dosa

* 1 Cup Capacity = 250ml

Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai
Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

  1. Wash and soak both the rice in a vessel and dal and fenugreek seeds together in another vessel for 3 hours.

  2. After 3 hours, drain the water from the urid dal and grind it in the mixer or grinder by sprinkling water little by little. We have to grind atleast for 10 minutes, till we get a ball like consistency and we can see bubbles coming up in the urid dal batter. Then take the urid dal batter in a vessel. Then drain the water from the rice and add it to the mixer and grind it to a smooth batter. Add the ground rice batter with urid dal batter and give a nice stir. Keep it overnight to ferment the batter. The next day, when the batter is fermented nicely, we can add salt and mix well. Adding salt in the beginning may delay the fermentation and hence I, usually add salt after fermentation only.

  3. Heat a tawa in high flame and add a ladle of kal dosa batter and spread it little to make a thick dosa. When we start getting, pores all over the dosa, then we should lower the flame to minimum and add oil and cover the tawa with lid and allow the dosa to cook nicely. When the dosa is cooked completely, we can remove from tawa. We don't need to flip it off to other side.

  4. Serve the yummy Kal Dosa with Kara Chutney or other chutney varieties. It goes well with Tiffin Sambar, idli milagai podi also.
  5. Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai
    Kal Dosa | Kal Dosai

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Looks Very Nice
When do we add methi seeds?

Hi Usha, i missed to add about fenugeek seeds. We can add it to the urid dal and soak it in water. Thanks for pointing the mistake.

I had all along thought that adding salt as soon as we grind helps with the fermentation process? Was I wrong?

Hi Mala, The Iodine in the salt can kill the wild yeast which helps the batter to ferment. So it is always better to add salt after fermentation.

i don't have grinder so then what will be the ratio of urad dal to both types of rice...?

You can use the same amount of urid dal mentioned above. But you have to use 1 cup of aval (beaten rice / poha) to get softer dosa


is kal dosa and set dosa is same or different?

Why Kondirapully Kaldosa is very famous i.e. what is so special aboutit?

In my college days I lived in a hostel in Tirunelveli district. There the local students did not like the dosai to become brown. they insisted that it should be pearl white.



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