Homemade Strawberry IceCream

Ice Creams are always favourite for all of us. That too when it comes to choosing our favourite flavour for icecream, its always hard to select as we love most of the flavours. Many of us are lovers of strawberries and especially kids love to have this flavour in ice cream because of its yummy flavour and also its appealing colour. I still know many people who don't like strawberry icecream. A friend of mine always tell that strawberry flavour look like gelusil syrup ;). Store bought strawberry icecream might not be fresh, they might be prepared with strawberry essence instead of fresh strawberries. Fresh Homemade Strawberry Icecream are always so delicious and creamy and I bet even my friend would love to have ;).

Homemade Strawberry IceCream
Homemade Strawberry IceCream

My daughter enjoyed this icecream so much and I couldn't stop her from having more and more.. Treat your kids with this special Homemade Strawberry IceCream in this summer holidays!

Preparation time5 mins
Cooking Time15 mins
Yield3 Glasses

Homemade Strawberry IceCream
Homemade Strawberry IceCream

Chopped Fresh Strawberries250gms
Powdered Sugar3/4 Cup*
Fresh heavy cream3/4 Cup
Full Fat Milk1 Cup
Lemon Juice1/2 teaspoon

* 1 Cup Capacity = 250ml

Homemade Strawberry IceCream
Homemade Strawberry IceCream


  1. Wash and dry the strawberries and chop them into pieces. Using clean hand coarsely mash the strawberries. Now we are going to measure 1 cup of the coarsely mashed strawberries and take it for our process. Out of the 1 cup mashed strawberries, I am going to take our 1/4 cup separately which I will be using it later.  To the remaining 3/4th cup of coarsely mashed strawberries, add powdered sugar

  2. Mix the strawberries and powdered sugar well. Then add heavy cream and give a good stir

  3. Next we are going to add a cup of full fat milk. To get a nice and creamy icecream, we need to use only full fat milk and not semi-skimmed or low fat milk. Also use chilled milk. Give it a good stir and finally add the lemon juice. The reason for adding lemon juice is that, it will bring out the flavour of strawberries nicely

  4. Pour this icecream batter in a square cake tin and put it in the freezer. Make sure you are not covering it with a lid and also make sure the tin touches the bottom of the freezer. This ensures quicker setting of the icecream. After 3-4 hours, the icecream would have been set. 

  5. Take that out and break the icecream and add it to the mixer. We are going to blend it in a mixer or if you have a hand blender, you could use that. The reason we blend the freezer set ice-cream is to break the ice crystals that gets formed during the freezing process. Now after blending, we could see a nice, rich and creamy icecream. 

  6. To this, we are going to add the reserved 1/4 fresh and coarsely mashed strawberries with juice and give a good stir. 

  7. Pour this in a air-tight container and place it in the freezer till the ice-cream is fully set. When I took out the container the next day, I got a lovely rich and creamy Homemade Strawberry IceCream

  8. Take 1-2 scoops of this yummy Homemade Strawberry IceCream in a icecream bowl and serve it with your preferred topping. 
  9. Homemade Strawberry IceCream
    Homemade Strawberry IceCream

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Maami, this is very tempting. What kind of cream do you use for this?

Hi, I have used heavy whipping cream.

Hi Maami, What brand of heavy whipping cream have you used? Is it available in all super markets?

Hi, I have used nestle heavy cream. You can find Amul, Dr.oetkar brands also in supermarkets. Surely now in most of the supermarkets we are getting cream.



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