Chocolate Icecream

We all love Ice creams and the kids are crazy especially on the chocolate ice cream.  It is very special when its home made ! This home made ice cream has a wonderfully rich chocolate flavour and smooth texture. Try this simple home made ice cream and give a treat to your kids.

Chocolate Icecream
Chocolate Icecream

Preparation time-
Cooking Time20 mins
Setting Time4-8 hours

Chocolate Icecream
Chocolate Icecream

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder7 tablespoon
Condensed Milk3/4 Cup
Fresh Double cream**1 Cup*

*1 Cup Capacity = 250ml
** We need Double/Heavy cream.  Double cream is a thick cream which contains lot of milk fat. In India, I have seen Amul fresh cream (not heavy/double cream) and even Nilgiris Supermarket is having fresh cream. But all these creams are having only 25% fat which is not sufficient to get a rich and creamy icecream. Double or heavy cream helps to get a nice texture. Whipping low fat cream is so tedious. It involves lots of manual effort to get a perfect whipped cream. You could see above video for making low fat cream to whipped cream.

Chocolate Icecream
Chocolate Icecream

  1. Pour the condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Sieve cocoa powder to the condensed milk. Whisk the condensed milk and the cocoa powder nicely and you will get thicker paste.

  2. In another mixing bowl, add fresh cream. Using a whisk, beat the fresh cream till you get thicker and soft peaks forming in the cream. This is indeed a heavy task as it needs more and more beating of the cream. If you have a electric whisk, this will ease your task, but the hand beating gives more aeration to the cream. 

  3. Using the whisk, take some whipped cream and add it to the cocoa mixture. Stir the cocoa mixture with the little cream well and it makes whole mixture to become thin consistency. 

  4. Now, add the whole cocoa mixture all at once to the remaining whipped cream . Using a flat spatula or spoon, gently fold the cocoa mixture and the whipped cream. Don't stir it hard as it will break down the whipped cream and the texture of the icecream would be hard. So fold all the ingredients gently 

  5. Pour it into an air-tight container and freeze it for 4-6 hours or overnight for better results. Next day, remove from freezer and keep the container in room temperature for 5 minutes. Then using an ice-cream scooper, take a scoop of fresh and creamy chocolate icecream and add it to a bowl or cone 

  6. Enjoy your chocolate ice-cream topped with your favorite toppings!
  7. Chocolate Icecream
    Chocolate Icecream

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Which cream should we use in this recipe? Is it the Amul double toned cream or fresh cream?



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