Homemade Vanilla Icecream

What so ever flavours we have in Icecream, the original, traditional Vanilla flavour still remains special and we all enjoy this flavour. Homemade Vanilla ice-cream is so simple and straight forward. You will get a nice creamy icecream in home with easily available ingredients. We can serve this vanilla ice cream in a bowl or a cone with our favourite nuts and choco chips toppings. We can also serve this with carrot halwa or other halwa varieties. 

Homemade Vanilla Icecream
Homemade Vanilla Icecream

Preparation time-
Cooking Time15 mins

Homemade Vanilla Icecream
Homemade Vanilla Icecream

Full Fat Milk1 Cup*
Milk Powder3/4 Cup
Powdered Sugar1/4 Cup
Fresh Heavy Cream1.5 Cup
Sweetened Condensed Milk1/4 Cup
Vanilla Essence2 teaspoon

*1 cup = 250 ml

Homemade Vanilla Icecream
Homemade Vanilla Icecream

  1. Pour the milk in a sauce pan. For ice-cream always use full fat milk. Skimmed milk is not preferable. Add the milk powder to the milk

  2. Whisk the milk and milk powder together nicely so that there are no lumps left behind. Keep the sauce pan in flame and in medium flame bring the milk to boil. Remove the milk from flame and allow it to cool off completely

  3. I have kept a stainless steel vessel and whisk in freezer for about half an hour before starting up the ice-cream process. This cold steel vessel and cold whisk helps to beat the fresh cream easily. Meanwhile, pour the cream in a stainless steel mixing bowl and add powdered sugar to it

  4. Beat the cream using the cold whisk till you get soft peaks formed in the cream as shown in the picture. Now our whipped cream is ready. Check the milk to see if it has cooled off completely. Once the milk is in room temperature, add vanilla essence and condensed milk and mix well

  5. Add the milk+vannila mixture to the whipped cream and gently fold it till the cream and the milk is completely combined. Pour the ice-cream mixture in an air-tight container and freeze it in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Overnight is preferable.

  6. Once the ice-cream is set in the freezer, take out and keep for 2 minutes and then using a scooper we can take the creamy vanilla icecream and serve it

  7. Serve the homemade creamy Vanilla Ice-Cream with your favourite topping and enjoy the wonderful ice-cream!
  8. Homemade Vanilla Icecream
    Homemade Vanilla Icecream

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you have condensed milk as an ingredient but do not see it in the recipe..when do we add it

Hi Mita, sorry I have missed out to include condensed milk. Thanks for pointing out. We have to add the condensed milk along with vanilla essence once the boiled milk with milk powder is completely cooled off.

The milk powder you mentioned is branded? If so which?

There are many brands of milk powderr available in India. You can get nestle, amul and more. You could easily get it from departmental stores.

hai aunty I have whip topping instead of cream .can I use this whip topping .plz tell how to use whip topping

Hi Sara, you can use the whip topping for sure. Instead of using fresh cream and beat it to whipped cream, we can use whip topping. Just when the milk comes to room temperature, we can add the milk and cream and mix well and then place it in the freezer.

I made this vanilla icecream today....every one liked it very much thanks for sharing such a simple and such a wonderful recipe



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