How to Make Rice Flour at Home | Homemade Rice Flour Recipe | Arisi Mavu Recipe

Rice Flour is one of the key ingredient in most of the Indian homes. Especially whenever we have festivals, we used to prepare homemade rice flour to make many varieties of sweets and snacks. Store bought rice flour is not a good option for many snacks. Home made rice flour always gives a good texture and flavour to the snacks. We all have experienced in some ways of using store bought rice flour especially when we prepare kozhukattai or seedai or any snacks for that matter, store bought rice flour most the times make the snack very hard compared to home made rice flour. But I know many of us stay away from India and doesn't have access to rice mills or doesn't have time to make home made rice flour. But I always advice to go for home made rice flour especially for preparing snacks and sweets for festivals. 

Here, I have given the traditional and easy way to prepare Homemade Rice Flour. You can prepare more quantities and grind it in a rice mill or if you don't have access to rice mills, we can very well prepare with the help of our home mixers. Lets see how to make Home Made Rice Flour.
Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time1 Hour
Cooking Time15 mins
Yield1.5 Cups
How to Make Rice Flour at Home | Homemade Rice Flour Recipe | Arisi Mavu Recipe
Homemade Rice Flour

Raw Rice**1 Cup*

*1 Cup = 250ml
** Raw rice - any type like basmati or sona masoori or ponni arisi

  1. Rinse the raw rice in water atleast couple of times. Then add fresh water to the raw rice to soak them well and leave the raw rice to get soaked for atleast an hour. After an hour, drain the water from rice and spread it in a clean white towel to get it dried. 

  2. It could take atleast 15-20 minutes to get dried. If you take the rice in your hand, you should feel damp in your palm or fingers. If you are going to prepare larger quantities then drying of rice takes more time. Also, if we are going  to grind the rice in a mixer, then we should grind it immediately after the rice got dried. Immediately grinding the dried rice in a mixer helps us to get more smooth rice flour without any lumps. If we leave the dried rice for a long time, then we would not get smooth flour in the mixer. But if we are planning to grind it in a rice mill, then it should not be a problem.

  3. Grind the rice in the mixer to a nice powder. Normally we don't get any lumps. But we should sieve it couple of time to get a smooth rice flour. If we get any lumps while we sieve, again add the lumps of rice flour to the mixer and grind it again to a smooth flour and again sieve it. 

  4. Repeat the sieve process again and again till we get a smooth and nice rice flour. If we have good sunny weather, then we can spread the ground smooth rice flour in a newspaper and keep it in sun to dry the rice flour nicely. If you stay abroad where sunlight is rare, then heat a tawa and dry roast the rice flour. Initially the ground rice flour is so smooth that we couldn't able to draw any kolam using this rice flour. But dry roast the rice flour in the pan till we reach a point that rice flour loses all its dampness and we should be able to put kolam. This is the correct time to remove the rice flour from flame.

  5. Store the rice flour in an air-tight container and the shelf life would be couple of months. We can plan to make this home made rice flour well before the festivals and it will become handy when we make scrumptious snacks!
  6. How to Make Rice Flour at Home | Homemade Rice Flour Recipe | Arisi Mavu Recipe
    Homemade Rice Flour

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Dear Maami,
Do I have to dry roast the flour even if I am drying them in good sunshine?


If we are drying the flour in good sunshine, roasting is not needed.

Very nicely given instructions for the beginner.



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