Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe

Bored of the traditional Dosa? Want to have a tangy twist to the normal dosa? Then why not try this tangy and yummy Tomato Dosa (Thakkali Dosai)? It is so scrumptious that you could start preferring this than the normal dosa. Tomato Dosa is healthy as it has less calories than the normal dosa and more over as we are using non-stick tawa nowadays we don't need to add much oil to cook the dosa. The texture and flavour increases our appetite and make us to long for more dosas. I have given the recipe for this dosa using raw rice. But we can also use store bought rice flavour which makes this very instant. 

Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe
Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time3 hours
Cooking Time15 mins

Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe
Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe

Raw Rice1 Cup*
Cumin Powder1/2 teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder1/2 teaspoon
SaltTo Taste
Chopped Coriander Leaves1 Tablespoon
Oil1 Tablespoon

*1 Cup = 250ml
For Seasoning:
Oil1 teaspoon
Mustard Seeds1/2 teaspoon
Cumin Seeds1/2 teaspoon
Split Urid dal1/2 teaspoon
Curry Leavesfew


  1. Rinse the raw rice in water and soak it in water for 3 hours. After 3 hours, drain the water and add the rice to the mixer along with roughly chopped tomatoes

  2. Grind the rice and tomatoes to a nice and smooth batter. Take the ground batter to a vessel and add cumin powder, red chilli powder and salt and mix well

  3. In a pan, heat oil and add mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds starts to sputter, add cumin seeds, split urid dal and saute till the dal turns to golden brown color. Add few curry leaves and remove from flame. Add the seasoned ingredients to the batter and finally add chopped coriander leaves

  4. Heat a tawa, and when the tawa is hot, add a ladle of tomato dosa batter and spread it to a thin dosa. Add very little oil and keep the flame in low and allow the dosa to cook on one side. Then flip it to other side and allow to cook. When the dosa is cooked and becomes little crispy, remove from tawa. Repeat this step for the rest of the batter

  5. The yummy Tomato Dosa (Thakkali Dosai) is now ready to serve with chutney or sambar 

  6. Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe
    Tomato Dosa Recipe | Thakkali Dosai Recipe

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Can we replace raw rice with idli rice

yeah we can use idli rice.

Do we need to ferment the batter or not?

Hi Dhivya, we dont need to ferment batter for tomato dosa.

This dosa turned out sticky, maybe because only rice instead of other lentils. It did not come out crispy like a regular dosa. Kids did not like it, but it looked good due to the reddish color.



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