October 2014
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After a long break, I have again resumed with the series of SouthIndian Lunch Menu. It been a long time so I have started with simple South Indian Lunch Menu. Parangikaai Puli Kuzhambu is one of the easiest and yummy kuzhambu. I love making this kuzhambu often as it so mouth-watering. Mixing Parangikaai kuzhambu with a spoon of gingelly oil or ghee gives a wonderful flavor and taste. A best combo for this yummy pulikuzhambu is Vendaya Keerai Thuvaran and any veg stew goes well with this. I have selected Pirkangaai Kootu. Also to make this lunch menu slightly richer, I have included Aviyal Kuzhambu too. Not but not the least, onion rasam adds additional richness and taste to this menu. You can also substitute with normal tomato rasam also. Since I made this on Sunday, I wanted to make it rich and hence I have opted for shallots rasam as my whole family is a great fan of shallots. So this lunch menu is rich in vegetables and forms a very healthy lunch menu. Serve this yummy lunch with pappad and appalam and enjoy the delicious menu!

Many fans and friends have asked me to post the pressure cooker method of baking the cake. So I decided to bake a pumpkin cake today as it is a Halloween tomorrow. But my luck is bad, I did not get canned pumpkin or fresh good quality pumpkin in the market today. So I changed my mind to bake a Eggless Pistachio cardamom Cake. A very simple and yummy cake, easy to bake. I personally love the texture of the pressure cooker cake than the oven cake. The cake has come out superb soft and spongy and it tastes dainty. Now lets see the procedure to bake this cake in pressure cooker.

Ragi as a whole grain is higher in protein and minerals than all the cereals and millets. Raagi helps in reducing weight, increase the bone strength, controls diabetics, reduces cholesterol and many many more health benefits. We should try to use raagi more often to lead a healthy life. We can make many yummy dishes with whole raagi grain or with store bought raagi flour. Using Raagi flour, we can make yummy Paniyaram both sweet and spice version. I have given here Instant Raagi Flour Sweet Paniyaram. This yummy paniyaram tastes delicious and because of raagi even the diabetic people can take these tasty paniyarams. 

Kuzhal puttu is a traditional Kerala breakfast dish. Like idly, this also cooked in steam and hence very good for health, as we are not adding any oil for cooking. This dish is cylinderical in shape and made using Puttu maker. Puttu maker is nothing but a steamer which is cylinderical in shape and hence you are getting the puttu also in cylinderical shape. If you dont have the puttu maker, then you can also make this using the idly plate. The main ingrediant for making puttu is the rice flour. Now a days instant puttu mix is available in the market. For those who are living abroad can check this in the indian shops.

During Travel, many of us feel home sick mainly due to the outside food. When we are travelling or going for a vacation the first thing that comes to our mind is food. Especially, with little children travelling with us, we will be more cautious. Because of the Home food, Nowadays, many of us prefer to stay in self-catering cottages and try to carry all homemade mix like Paruppu Podi, Pulikachal mix etc. So homemade thokku will be very helpful for us and we can easily make white rice and mix with this thokku and eat happily. Bitter gourd thokku is one such travel friendly recipe. It has a shelf life of 1 week to 10 days if preserved properly. Lets see how to make this yummy thokku.

No introduction is required for Poori masala. It is one of the favourite dish for most of us. Its my granddaughter's favourite breakfast. A very popular breakfast dish in most of the restaurants in India. This is having much less calories compared to the breakfast prepared with raw rice since it is made with atta. Deep frying the pooris are little unhealthy for us, but if we have it once a while then it should not be a problem. Poori Masala is a very perfect combination though we can have other side dishes too for Poori.

Tomato Capsicum Rice is a popular dish in many parts of AndhraPradesh. As we all aware, Andhra cuisine are popular for its spiciness.  If we are spice lovers, then we will surely enjoy this dish. But adding more spice is optional. We can add mild spice and enjoy this dish. Instead of doing plain tomato rice, this would be a different variety and surely a big treat for us. Try this yummy Andhra Tomato Capsicum rice and share your comments and suggestions.

Yellu(Sesame Seeds) kuzhambu is one of my favourite kuzhambu. The conventional method of making ellu kuzhambu is little different from other kuzhambu varieties. My mom used to make this kuzhambu by frying the coconut directly in the fire instead of pan. The direct frying of coconut in fire without adding any oil gives a nice flavour to the kuzhambu along with the nice aroma of sesame seeds. I have given here the conventional method, but we can also do this quickly by frying the grated coconut in the pan and then grinding it with other spices. Many of us are now using induction based hob, especially, people staying abroad, they can fry the grated coconut in the pan itself. But if we have conventional gas stove, then we can surely try this traditional method of making this yummy Sesame Seeds (Ellu) kuzhambu

Deepavali Marundu,is an important dish for Diwali. For Diwali, we would have made many sweets and snacks. All sweets and snacks  tempt us to have more. Having more sweets and snacks upset our stomach causing indigestion. To overcome this difficulty, our elders have formed a custom of making a healthy legiyum, (we call it as 'Deepavali Marundu') which is prepared using different roots like Sitharathai, Adimadhuram, Thipili, Parangi pattai, pepper, cumin seeds, sukku and panavellam. These ingredients are readily available in all Nattu Marundu Kadai in TamilNadu. If you are staying abroad, you can prepare the legiyum using this method. The procedure given below is the conventional method of making Legiyum. This is the legiyum which is prepared for the newly Delivered Mom. So learning how to make this legiyum is very good for every women.

Click the link below for the simple version of the Diwali Marundhu

This is another crunchy murukku made with moongdal flour and rice flour. This is also one of the quickest crunchy murukku which is quite simple and easy to make. All we need to rice flour which can be either homemade or store bought and moong dal. Both the major ingredients are easily available in every kitchen and we don't need any special ingredients. A delicious snack for any festival or event or even for simple evening snack.  Try this crunchy Moongdal Murukku

Coconut milk murukku, a slight variation from other varieties. The wonderful flavour of the murukku together with rice, gives a nice blend to the batter and the taste of the murukku is extraordinary. This is one of the conventional method of preparing coconut milk murukku. Very simple procedure and you may never go wrong in making these scrumptious murukku. Try this new variety of murukku for this Diwali!

Laddu (Boondi Ladoo) is my favourite sweet. Very common sweet in any South Indian home. It is one of the important sweet dish for Diwali festival and other auspicious occasions like marriages.  It is very simple to make and very delicious. It is a very popular dish among kids too because of Chota Bheem :-) My twin daughters were very happy when I made this at home, they started telling Chota Bheem Ladoo! We can very quickly make this recipe with simple ingredients that is always available at any kitchen. For marriages or other auspicious events Ladoo is the main Seer Bakshanam. Lets see how to make this yummy Ladoos :-)

The literal translation of Thenkuzhal into english is "Tubes of Honey". I dont know to be honest why the name Thenkuzhal for this recipe because it is not a sweet recipe. Neverthless, it is a very good crispy evening snacks and in our home we make this for many festivals. As you know during festival days, we used to share the snacks and sweets to the friends and relatives and we can not afford buying them from the shops. So usually we make them in our home and thenkuzhal is one of the common recipe.

Nippatalu or Andhra Thattai is a popular Indian snack especially in Southern Part of India. It is a very crunchy and tasty snack. There are many variations to this recipe, and this is one method of doing Nippatulu It is made of rice flour along gram flour and maida along with peanuts and roasted gram dal. Very simple savoury to make for any occasions or simply during evening hours. There is no hassle of using any press and mould. In tamilnadu, we make thattai using rice flour and urid dal flour. We also make tattai using parboiled rice and roasted gram dal. Nippatalu is more or less same as our thattai but only slight variations. We can easily make this crispy and crunchy snack for  this Diwali and enjoy the taste!

Jalebi is a very traditional and popular sweet dish in Northern Parts of India. Always there is a little confusion about Jalebi and Jangri. Jalebi is made out of Maida (All Purpose flour) batter and Jangri is made out of urdal batter. Its much simple compared to jangri as it doesn't requires any soaking of dals and grinding the same. The conventional method of making Jalebi is to prepare the maida batter with curd and keep it overnight for the batter to ferment. Then over the period of time, people start using yeast to make the batter ferment instantly. But now with Eno Fruit Salt, we can avoid fermentation process overnight and also the yeast. Just adding eno salt makes the jalebi puff up nicely in the oil. Try this Instant Jalebi method for this Diwali and treat your family and friends with traditional and popular sweet! Lets see how to make Instant Jalebi now...

This is a sweeter version of thukkada (Spicy Diamond Cuts) and this is for the sweet lovers. This Sweet Diamond Cuts or Diamond Biscuits is a very simple to do dish and it doesn't require any expertise level to prepare. Any new beginners can also try this simple dish and it may never go wrong. This is also one of the traditional and famous sweet dish especially for Diwali. It is a tradition for us to make sweets and snacks for Diwali not only for our family, but we also love to share with our friends and relatives. Some of the sweet dishes like seven cup cakes, coconut burfi, Instant Doodh beda etc are easy to make with less effort and also we would get more quantities to distribute. Sweet Thukada (Sweet Diamond Cuts or Diamond Biscuits) is one such dish which is simple to make, yummy and also we would get more quantity for distribution.

This easy dish is made with maida, sugar and ghee which are readily available in all our homes and the preparation time is much less too. Try this simple Diamond biscuits for this diwali and share with your friends and relatives.

Deepavali is not only lights and crackers but also eating!. We eat so much of snacks, sweets, junk foods during diwali. When we visit some one on diwali, then its quite obvious that you will be back with stomach full of snacks and sweets offered by them. Also, in our home, the breakfast, lunch and dinner are grant and we end up eating a lot. This may create digestion problem. Our ancient already found a Legium to take care of this. In our home a table spoon of this Legium is given to all the family members immediately after the ritual oil bath on the diwali day. Then the sweets and other snacks are offered to start of the celebrations. This legium is also called as 'Marundhu' which is prepared from Ginger which will take care of the the digestion problem. To your surprise its a yummy as we add Jaggery and Ghee also. So, start your diwali with deepavali legium (Diwali Legiyum / Diwali Marundu) :-)

Click the link below for the Traditional method to prepare the Deepavali Legium
Traditional Method to prepare Deepavali Legium / Marundhu 

First time when heard this recipe from my MIL, I was amazed and immediately got up and tried this dish in my kitchen. It turned out a big hit in my home. The flavour of baby onions with rasam spice powder gives a yummy taste to the dish. Mix this yummy Vengaya Rasam (Baby Onion rasam) rice with hot boiled rice and with a teaspoon of ghee makes us have more and more!

Like snakegourd, we can make wonderful stew using ridgegourd too. Ridge gourd is extremely rich in dietary fiber and enriched with all the vital elements. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories that aids in weight loss. So we need to try and use this healthy vegetable more in our kitchen. Lets see the simple Ridge Gourd Stew (Peerkangai Kootu) recipe now...

I have been thinking of publishing this Suyyam recipe for a long time and this time I decided to do it now as we have Vinayakar Chaturti coming and this would be useful to many of us. This is one of the sweet dish one can never go wrong and easy to make especially for Neivedhyam. The filling which we use is just the same as we do for Paruppu Poorana Poli where we use bengal gram dal with jaggery. We can concoct this wonderful Suyyam even for other festivals like Saraswathi Pooja,  Diwali, Varalakshmi Vratham etc. 

Modhagam / Fried Modak is a yummy snack and also widely used dish for neivedhyam for vinayakar chaturti or other festivals. Also whenever we do other varieties of kozhukattai and if we have left over pooranam, then we can use that pooranam to prepare modhagam and this way we do not need to throw away the left over. Any kind of pooranam can be used to prepare modhagam. Here i have shown thengai poorana modhagam recipe. Try this yummy dish and let me know your feedback!!!


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