Diwali Snacks - 10 Simple and Delicious Diwali Snacks

Diwali, a very important festival for all of us. When we think of Diwali, the first thing comes to our mind is New dress, crackers and most important is the Sweets and Snacks. We start our planning well before, may be a atleast a week before to decide what sweets and snacks we are going to prepare for this Diwali. But nowadays I am seeing many of us are busy in our work and not finding enough time to make homemade sweets and snacks and just buying the store bought sweets and snacks. I have come up this article to motivate all women to make home made sweets and snacks which are much healthier and affordable. 
Here, In this post. I have given 10 simple and crunchy snacks you can easily do at home. There are few parameters that I have considered to categorize these recipes as simple. Lets see the parameters now

1. Press and Mould: 

For most of the murukku varieties, we need press and mould. We can get press and mould in most of the kitchen utensils shop in India easily. The press comes with 10-12 different types of mould with which we can make many different and delicious snacks. Even when I stayed in UK, I was able to get this press and mould in Indian Shops. So if we have press and mould, then these are some of the simple recipes you can plan to do for this Diwali

2. Readily available Rice flour, Besan flour:

Most of the crisps need rice flour and besan or gram flour. So if we have the flours on hand, then preparing murukku would be very simple. We can very well use store bought rice flour. But store bought rice flour makes the murukku more reddish in color than the home made rice flour. So we should plan to make these flour handy before starting with these snacks. If we are living in India, we have rice mills around us and we can prepare more quantities of  flour in rice mill easily. If you are living abroad, then no need to worry, either you can use store bought flours or just spend couple of hours more to grind the required flours at home. Though, I stay in chennai, I usually prepare all flours at home only with my mixer. 

3. Straight forward procedure:

The dishes, I have shared are simple and easy to follow procedures. There are no hassle of getting shapes or complexity like kai murukku.  

For any snacks we need little patience in deep frying. Deep frying the snacks in low flame obviously takes more time, but if we keep the flame high, then the snacks will not be crispy but turns golden brown color quickly. So we need more patience in deep frying.

Lets see what all simple dishes we could make at home:

5  Simple Dishes With Nazhi (Press and Mould):

Ribbon PakodaThenkuzhal

Mullu MurukkuKarasev


5 Simple Dishes without Press and Mould

NippataluCirspy Buttons

Ring MurukkuSpicy Thukkada


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Mami, I enjoy your blog and love all your recipes. Tried several of them and came out very good. You are doing a great service!!! One question, in the past few years, whenever I try to make snacks like murukku, thenguzhal, etc at home, they start cracking ( vedikkirathu).. makes me very scared and I have to throw away the maavu. Don't know why. Is it because I melt the butter in microwave before adding to the flours? Have done snacks for many years but this is happening in the last few years :-?

There are 3 reasons for the dough to crack in oil. Either the flours are not smooth. Coarsely ground rice flour or urid dal flour makes the dough to break in oil. Other reason is excess use of urid dal powder which also makes the dough to break in oil. And finally excess butter wil also make the dough brittle. Make sure you are adding right quantity of uriddal powder and butter. Hope this helps you to again try once!

Try adding, salt, hing in water. Use this water for kneading. (Reason If there is any dust or stone, it cracks.) In this method it is easier.



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