Diwali Sweets - 10 Scrumptious and Easy Diwali Sweets

Sweets are one of the most important aspect for Diwali Festival. Preparing Sweets need not be always cumbersome and difficult.  Many of them are not aware that how easy it is to make Diwali sweet at home. I have seen many of my friends who plan to get badhusha, jangri, mysorepak from shops when they can easily make these in home itself. Kaju Katli is the most expensive sweet in any sweet shop. Kaju Katli is one of the easy recipe which we can make at home within 20 minutes. Why to go to sweet shops if we can do most of these easily and instantly at home?

Easy Diwali Sweets 

Here I have shared 10 simple and scrumptious Sweet Dishes which could be done easily and quickly in our kitchen. There are few parameters with which I have categorized them into simple dishes. 

1. Readily available ingredients:
For some sweets the conventional method takes more time. Instead we could use readily available products such as condensed milk, Khova, etc. With the availability of few other ingredients such as enosalt, vinegar, we can skip the fermentation process and prepare delicious sweet dishes instantly. With these products handy, these below recipes are easily doable and never go wrong

2. Simple procedures:
Some of the traditional sweet dishes are straight forward like maladu, sweet diamond cuts, okkarai, seven cup cakes etc. There are no hassles in understanding the procedures or doing these recipes. 

3. Easy and affordable ingredients:
All these dishes mentioned below uses either the ingredients that are readily available in our kitchen or its available in store in a much affordable prices. Kaju (Cashew) is the only ingredient which is quite costly. But I have mentioned here because of its simple procedure. Also you get more quantities of all these dishes with much less effort and they are easy to share and distribute to your friends and relatives. 

Disclaimer: Please note, all these dishes, even though simple, need careful attention and patience.


Instant JalebiInstant Doodh Beda

Seven Cups CakeDiamond Cuts

Kaju KatliBadusha

Pumpkin HalwaPineapple Kesari

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