Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe

Bored of the conventional Idli / Dosa for breakfast? Wanted to have a different variety? Wanted a healthy breakfast? Raagi Idli (Finger Millet Idli) is a very healthy breakfast and tastes yummy than then conventional idli. I planned to start millet recipes and this is the first step. I have been planning to start millet series for a long time as they are naturally very healthy grains. Millets such as Raagi, Bajra, Jowar etc are more healthier than Oats which is now getting very popular in India. Nutritionally, when ragi is used as a whole grain, it is higher in protein and minerals in comparison to all other cereals and millets. It is a remarkable source of protein, making it perfect for vegetarian diets.

We can make many different dishes using raagi and one such is Raagi Idli. We can make this Raagi Idli in 3 different ways, 
1. Using Raagi as whole grain along with rice and uridal
2. Using Raagi flour along with rice and uridal
3. Using Raagi flour along with rice flour and maida (This is instant)

Out of the above three methods, I prefer the method 1, "whole grain method" as it is very healthy. Lets see how to make healthy and  tasty raagi idli using whole grain Raagi.

Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe
Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe 

Preparation and Yield:
Batter Preparation time5 hours
Batter Setting time8 hours or overnight
Cooking Time20 mins

Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe
Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe 

Whole Raagi1 Cup*
Idli Rice / Parboiled Rice1 Cup
Urdal1/2 Cup
SaltTo taste
Fenugreek Seeds1/2 teaspoon
Gingelly Oil1 teaspoon (for greasing idli plates)

Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe
Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe 

  1. Take parboiled rice and raagi separately in a mixing bowl and rinse in water twice or thrice and then soak it in water. 

  2. Take urid dal and fenugreek seeds in another vessel and rinse it in water twice and add water to soak them. Leave the soaking rice and dal aside for atleast 4 hours. Add generous water to the dals and rice as the soaking process makes them double their size. After 4 hours, drain the water from uriddal and add it to the grinder. Initially add 1/2 cup of water to the grinder and start the grinding process.  Then slowly sprinkle water in regular intervals and grind the urid dal to a nice and thick batter. This process usually takes atleast 20 minutes. If the urdal quality is good, then we would get more batter. After 20 minutes, our urid dal batter is nice and smooth and if we take some batter and roll it in our hand it should roll like a soft ball. Also the moment we stop the grinding process, we could see small bubbles on top of the batter. This is the right stage to remove the urid dal batter from grinder

  3. Take the uriddal batter and keep it in a mixing bowl. Next, drain the water from the raagi and rice and add it to the grinder. Add water little by little and grind the raagi and  rice to a nice, smooth and thick batter. 

  4. Add the raagi and rice batter to the mixing bowl which has already the urid dal batter. Add salt and mix both the batters well and keep it aside overnight for fermentation. The next day, we can see the batter has nicely fermented and doubled its quantity. The batter is absolutely fluffy. Give a good stir

  5. Grease gingelly oil in each idli mould of the idli plates. Pour 3/4th ladle of raagi idli batter to each mould. Steam cook in pressure cooker or idly vessel for about 10 minutes. After the steam is fully released, gently take out the idli plates and allow it to cool for sometime. Using a wet spoon, gently remove the idlis from each mould. Now our idlis are ready. Repeat this step for rest of the batter or depending upon number of idlis you need

  6. Serve the healthy and tasty Raagi Idli (Finger Millet Idli) with Sambar / Idli podi / Chutney and enjoy the healthy breakfast!
  7. Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe
    Raagi Idli Recipe | Finger Millet Idli Recipe 

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Sooperma. Looks lovely and fluffy, I am definitely going to give this a try.

This turned out great. Made both idli and dosa

Dear Subbu Madam,
How much raggi flour should I use if I using the second method with rice and urad dal

Hi, Please use 2 cups of ragi flour for 1 cup of parboiled rice and also use 1 cup of urid dal so that the idlis will be soft.

Can I not soak them in the night and grind in the morning like we do for normal idli?

I was looking for a healthy breakfast. Saw your post and tried it. The Idlis came out soft. Thank You very much for the recipe.

Shall we mix ragi flour in already got idli batter for instant making and what should be the resting time after mixing

generally 4 hours of soaking is enough. But if you want you can soak them overnight

Can i grind this in mixie

Which salt you used, the colour lookes different

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yes we can grind it in mixie. Give few minutes rest in between the grinding so that the mixie is not heated up

What's the proportion for method 3 and is there anything I should be careful/particular about if I use method 3..for example soaking or no soaking at all etc?



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