Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe

Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti) is a flat and thin Indian Bread. Rumal is "Hand Kerchief" in Hindi. As the name specifies, it is very soft and thin like a Hand Kerchief. Rumali Roti is very easy to make at home. We just need to roll the roti as thin as possible. Also, we have to cook these rotis slightly different than the usual way. We have to place the griddle or tawa upside down and cook the rotis in a very hot tawa.  The is the conventional way of making these rotis in restaurants. Believe me there is no complexity. Its very easy to make at home. Just we need some practice to roll the rotis as thin as possible and also need to flip them between your hands repeatedly to make it ultimately thin. Thin texture is the main differentiator in this roti as compared to other varieties of roti or chapati. I always love to order Naan or Rumali Roti whenever I go to North Indian Restaurants. Any paneer dish or dal or any veg gravy would be best accompaniment for this dish. I have done Paneer Jalfrezi as an accompaniment for this wonderful Roti. 

Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe
Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time1 Hour
Cooking Time25 mins

Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe
Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe

Wheat Flour1.5 Cups**
Maida / All Purpose Flour1/2 Cup
Warm Milk1/2 Cup
Oil1 teaspoon
SaltTo taste
Water2-3 tablespoon or as needed

  1. Take a mixing bowl and add wheat flour, maida and salt and mix well. Add warm milk and knead the dough. 

  2. Add water little by little and knead the dough nicely and make it a soft and smooth dough. Add oil and knead again for couple of minutes and cover the dough with a damp cloth and set it aside for 1 hour. 

  3. After 1 hour, make big lemon sized balls out of the dough. The size of the dough ball should be double the size of usual chapati. Because we need to roll the dough ball to a thin and big roti. Dust the dough balls with flour and using a rolling pin, roll the dough balls to very thin rotis. Make sure the edges are also thinner than the center. Roll it as thin as possible If you take the roti in your hand you should be able to see your fingers. I do this roti often and hence flip the rolled rotis between my hands atleast 4-5 times. Initially you may find it difficult to flip, but you will get it eventually, Flipping the rotis will make it much more thinner. Set the flipped or rolled thin rotis aside for a couple of minutes

  4. Place an iron tawa upside down on a high flame. Try not to use coated tawa as the coating may get spoiled when kept directly on flame. You can also use a sauce pan and keep it inverted on the flame. The tawa should be very hot to make rumali rotis. Place the rolled roti on top of the hot tawa. When you see the bubbles in the roti, quickly flip the roti to other side. Quickly flip the roti to avoid burning of the roti. As the tawa is too hot, all the rotis are cooked very quickly. If you feel the rotis are getting sticky on the tawa, you can sprinkle some salt water and then place the rolled rotis to avoid sticking to the tawa. 

  5. Repeat the procedure and cook all the rumali rotis. You can easily fold them like a triangle as they are very soft and thin. Since they are too soft and thin, place them in a tissue and put them in a air-tight container till they are being served. 

  6. Yummy and soft Roomali Roti (Rumali Roti) are now ready to be served with any gravies!!!
  7. Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe
    Roomali Roti Recipe | Rumali Roti Recipe

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Hi, will this not spoil the iron tawa that we use...

Iron tawa will hold the heat. Non stick pan is not good for this recipe.

Can i use the traditional dosa tawa...iron one for this.?

Yes Lakshmi, I have also used the conventional iron tawa which i use for making dosa

A perfect and healthy dish when hungry. I tried this recipe today... It came out very well...
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