Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa

I have a friend in UK who is a Physiotherapist. She is also a nutritionist. She shares a lot of good diet which are nutrition rich. She also tells me not to cook any fruit as cooking fruits makes the fruits less  in nutrition. But sometimes we do cook fruits like we cook jackfruit, banana etc. In the same way, there is one more excellent dish, Apple Halwa. First time, I have seen this recipe is in television. Mrs. Revathi Shankaran was concocting this Apple halwa. I was so fascinated by the way she demonstrate the recipe. OH! How talented is she!! I am a great fan of her. Guess, I am deviating from the recipe too much :-). Ok Lets get back to this yummy dish.
 Apple Halwa is a scrumptious dessert. We all know a famous saying "An Apple a day keeps Doctor Away". Such a nutrition rich fruit is apple. But I have seen many kids running away from it. So this dish is one way of making the kids eat Apple. I wont say that this is a healthier way to eat apple, but instead of fully ignoring apples, we could try this way of including apples atleast once in a while. This Apple Halwa is absolutely calorie rich dish only. I would strongly suggest to make this dish for the kids!!! Now... Lets see how to make this yummy and tasty Apple Halwa.

Apple Halwa, tastes much similar to our famous and popular "Irutukadai Halwa " (Tirnunelveli Halwa / Wheat Halwa). The texture, color and taste are much similar to Tirunelveli Halwa. First time, When my husband saw this yummy dish, he thought that I have made wheat halwa. So, if you plan to surprise your family and friends with a yummy dessert, you should plan to make this delicious halwa.
Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa
Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time10 mins
Cooking Time40 mins

Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa
Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa

Sugar1 Cup*
Cardamom Powder1/4 teaspoon
Orange Food Colora Pinch
Ghee2 tablespoon
Cashew nuts5-6

* 1 Cup = 250ml
Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa
Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa

  1. Wash and peel the apples and chop it into small cubes. Soak it in water to avoid decolouring. Add the apple pieces to the mixer and grind it to a nice and smooth paste

  2. Heat a teaspoon of ghee in a pan and add broken cashews and almonds and fry till they are slightly golden brown color. Take these out and set it aside. To the pan, now add the ground apple pulp and saute it in ghee 

  3. Keep stirring the apple pulp till the water is absorbed. Then add sugar to the pan. Adding sugar again dilutes the apple halwa. Keep stirring to avoid halwa getting burnt.

  4. Add food color and mix well. Then add cardamom powder also and continue stirring the halwa

  5. Add rest of the ghee and keep stirring, till the halwa becomes thick and starts to roll like a ball without sticking to the sides of the pan. Finally add roasted cashews and almonds and mix well. Switch off the flame and keep stirring the halwa for couple more minutes.

  6. Mouth-watering Apple halwa is now ready to serve!
  7. Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa
    Apple Halwa Recipe | How to make Apple Halwa

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What is the shelf life of Apple halwa?

Looks so yummy. Reading the recipe itself leading to "floods" in mouth. Sure to try this too. Thank u mam for these wonderful recipes!

You can store it in a container and refrigerate and use it for 3-4 days. Just warm it before serving.

Can we use Apple sauce instead of apples?i have plenty left to be used.

Yes Geetha, you can use apple sauce. But since Apple sauce has some sweetener already in it, make sure to reduce the sugar you are adding

nice recipe....very healthy too..

Hello ! Mouthwatering recipe.Thanks for sharing this apple halwa recipe with us. What can we add in this halwa to make it more flavorful. TIA

Website :

Mam,can we use green apple to make this halwa?

Hi, we can make with green apple, but sometimes green apple are little tangy so taste the apple before making halwa



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