Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums

Aval Karuvadam (Flattened Rice Fryums), a very crispy and spicy fryums and it is a very perfect accompaniment for any variety rice. Even with a simple rasam, this karuvadam is a great treat for us. A very simple fryum you could make with less effort in spring season. For Koozh vadam, Ommapodi vadam, a little expertise is needed. But for this, aval karuvadam, its simple and straight forward. We just need to plan to make fryums on a nice sunny day. Last week, it was fully sunny here and I made different fryums and I am happy to share this recipe with you today. I fried these Aval Karuvadam today and it was so crispy and yummy and I couldn't resist myself to post this today and share with you all. Try this yummy and munchy fryums and share your comments!!!

Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums
Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time2 hours
Cooking & Making Time 40 mins
Recipe CategoryFryums
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums
Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums

Aval / Poha / Flattened Rice4 Cups*
Sago / Sabudana / Jevvarasi1/4 Cup
Green Chilli8-10**
SaltTo taste
Hing1 teaspoon
Poppy Seeds 2 tablespoon
Lemon 1/2
Sour Curd / Yogurt1/2 Cup
Chopped Coriander Leaves1/4 Cup

* 1 Cup = 250ml
** If you are a spice lover, you can use 10-12.
Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums
Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums

  1. Wash and soak the sago in water for 2 hours. After 2 hours, drain the water and add the sago to the sauce pan and add fresh water and keep stirring the sago till the sago turns like a koozh (porridge) and becomes translucent and shiny. Once the sago is cooked, switch off the flame and allow it cool off completely

  2. Rinse the aval twice and set that aside. Soak the poppy seeds in warm water for 10 minutes. 

  3. Take the green chillies, salt and hing in a mixer and grind it to a nice paste

  4. In a mixing bowl, add aval, cooked sago, soaked poppy seeds, ground green chilli paste, curd and mix everything well nicely. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and filter it and add it to the mixed fryums mixture. Also add finely chopped coriander leaves and mix everything well nicely. You should be able to make small balls out of the mixture. If you feel the mixture is too dry,  sprinkle water little by little and make the mixture to thick and you should be able to make small ball out of it

  5. Spread a clean and nice white cloth or a plastic towel under Sun. If you are using a plastic paper, take a teaspoon of oil and water in a small bowl and sprinkle it on the plastic sheet and spread it nicely and then use it. Take a small gooseberry sized fryum mixture and make a small ball and keep it on the plastic sheet. Do not make the ball so tightly, then the inner portion wouldn't get dried up nicely. Let it be light weight hollow ball. Repeat this step for rest of the fryums mixture. Allow the karuvadam to dry nicely for 2-3 days. Everyday after sunset, take the karuvadam in a air-tight container just to hold its dryness. Once the fryums are nicely dried up, take the dried fryums to an air-tight container and fry them as and when you need. 

  6. When you need to fry them, heat up oil in  a heavy bottomed pan and when the oil is hot (The fryums should sizzle and rise up in the oil), drop these fryums gently into the oil and fry them till they are nicely crispy and turns golden brown color. Do not heat up the oil so much, that would burn up the fryums. Keep it in constant temperature till you fry all fryums you need. Remove the fried fryums and place it on a tissue to drain excess oil and then add it to a air-tight container and use it while serving.

  7. Crispy and Munchy Flattened Rice Fryums (Aval Karuvadam) is now ready!! Relish with your favourite rice!! Its even yummy to munch it with hot tea!!!
  8. Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums
    Aval Karuvadam Recipe | Flattened Rice Fryums

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