Semiya Kulfi Recipe

In our childhood, we all would have tasted this yummy and tasty kulfi, may be we might have tasted semiya ice (Semiya Kuchi Ice :-)). I loved it and I used to eat it during school holidays. This is the first time, I am making it in home and believe me, my kids loved it so much. It so simple to make at home. Simple, way is to make Semiya Payasam and we can pour in popsicles mould and we can freeze it. I have used the similar method that we would prepare semiya payasam. But, a small inclusion of custard powder, made the payasam thick and and it gives a nice texture to the whole dish. It hardly takes time to make this kulfi, the setting time takes  4-5 hours, and finally you would love it. Lets see how to make this yummy and chill Semiya Kulfi...

Semiya Kulfi Recipe
Semiya Kulfi Recipe

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time5 mins
Cooking Time20 mins
Recipe CategoryMain
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Semiya Kulfi Recipe
Semiya Kulfi Recipe
Semiya Kulfi Recipe
Semiya Kulfi Recipe

Whole Milk3 Cups* + 3 tablespoon
Sweetened Condensed Milk1 tin / 14oz
Semiya / Vermicilli1/4 Cup
Chopped Pistachios2 tablespoon
Custard Powder1 tablespoon

* 1 Cup = 250ml
Semiya Kulfi Recipe
Semiya Kulfi Recipe

  1. Heat a pan and add whole milk and bring it to boil. Keep stirring occasionally till the milk becomes thicker and reduced to 1/2 of the quantity. Then, add semiya to the pan and stir well

  2. Keep stirring occasionally till the semiya is cooked completely. Meanwhile, I diluted custard powder in milk and stirred it well so that there are no lumps and set that aside. I have used vannila flavoured custard powder. If you don't have custard powder, you can use corn flour and dilute it with milk

  3. When, the semiya is fully cooked, add condensed milk and keep the flame in low and allow the milk to boil for 5 minutes. Then add custard powder mixture and stir well. Adding custard powder thickens the whole mixture. Then add chopped pistachios and mix well

  4. Finally give a stir once and switch off the flame. Allow the kulfi mixture to cool off fully. Then pour the the kulfi mixture inside the kulfi mould 

  5. Close the kulfi moulds with the lid and put them inside the freezer and allow it set for 4-5 hours. After the kulfi is set, take it out from freezer and show the moulds under running water for couple of minutes and set it aside for couple of minutes and try to open the lid and you would have yummy and tasty kulfis all ready for you

  6. Serve the yummy and tasty Semiya Kulfi is now ready to eat!!!
  7. Semiya Kulfi Recipe
    Semiya Kulfi Recipe

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Yummmy! Wonderful recipe and clicks. Brought back a lot of childhood memories :-)

Thanks for the recipe. Should we use roasted semiya or unroasted.

I have used unfrosted semiya. You can also use roasted semiya



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