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I have been receiving lot of questions and comments based on my post on Varalakshmi Viratham Pooja. I tried to collate all the questions and provided the responses here. These are based on my best knowledge and the tradition that has been followed in our family. The tradition may vary across the families and I strongly recommend you to follow the traditions which are being followed in your family. The responses here are just for guidance only. 

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  1.                Can pregnant women perform this Pooja?
    a.       Till 5th month of pregnancy period, we can perform the pooja. After that, it is considered as theetu so not advisable to perform the pooja
    2.       When do we need to move the kalasam?
    a.       The next day we need to move the amman in north direction and keep milk as neivedhyam and then after 10 minutes, we can remove the kalasam and keep it in rice box
    3.       Do we need to put the Amman's face together with jewellery in the rice pot or only the coconut
    a.       Yes, along with the amman’s face, we keep the kalasam inside the rice pot. After we keep milk for neivedhyam in night, we need to move the amman along with kalasam inside the rice drum. The next day, we can remove the amman with kalasam and store it in their original places.
    4.       What can we do with the coconut and the rice in kalasam?
    a.       Generally we use the rice and coconut for making Krishna Jayanthi Neivedhyam dishes.
    5.       Where to keep the amman mugham after Pooja?
    a.       In the evening, we need to do neivedhyam again and in the night, we have to keep milk as neivedhyam and shift the amman mugham with the kalasam inside the rice bag / drum
    6.       Can we use the dolls for the vratham that are available in the market ? Can we reuse them next year?
    a.       Generally we use amman face made out of silver. Many of us also use coconut to decorate the amman face.  You can try using a coconut.
    7.       Can we start doing the Pooja all by ourselves?
    a.       If it is the first time, this viratham has to be started by an elderly women (MIL or Mom) who is already doing this Pooja. That's the tradition. But if you stay abroad without your close relation, then with your MIL or mom consent, you can take the Pooja from an elderly women near your house or from a priest.
    8.       What if I get period and not able to do the Pooja?
    a.       You can very well perform the whole Pooja the next friday
    9.       After decorating the amman and vefore starting the Pooja, if periods start, what needs to be done?
    a.       We can’t keep the decorated amman wait for a week. So you can ask your spouse to dismantle the amman and you can again redo the alankaram / decoration and make all neivedhyam dishes and perform the Pooja the next friday
    10.   Unfortunately, If someone in the family expired in the same year, can we do the Pooja?
    a.       As per the tradition, if someone in the family from husband’s side expired, then, we should not perform the Pooja that year. If it is from your side, then if it is more than 13 days and its your in-laws custom to perform the Pooja then you can continue.
    11.   What are the main neivedhyam dishes for this auspicious day?
    a.       Raw Rice Idly, Modak, Sundal, Paruppu Payasam, Vadai and Rice with dal. Some of us even make Nei Appam.

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Hi if I have done varalakshmi puja n der r no married Indian ladies near me n temple is far to travel after puja can I give thamboolam to my 2 year old daughter

I have 2 kids and during my 6 th day of my periods can I do pooja

Can I do do pooja on my 6th day of my periods I have 2 kids

Hi my friend married to a brahmin boy. Her MIL passes away 6 mths ago. Can she perform varalakshmi viratham prayers?

If your periods is fully over you can very well do

Sorry for 1 year we should not perform any festivals

When should perform pooja , either evening or morning and evening

I am a married woman. Both my parents and my in laws do not have varalakshmi vratam. Can I do it?

If both my in laws and mother's side no one has varalakshmi vratam at all, but I am interested. Can I start by myself? I am married with 2 children.

Always in the morning before 10.30am

Yes, anyone can start this pooja.

sure you can start. Just check if you have some friends who are already doing and you can start with them next year. If no one, then you can start by yourself

Thank you so much. I am really very happy to hear this as i ve been asking many people including my family vadhyar. We are basically palakkad iyers, and vadhyar said as we don't have, we shouldn't do the vratam. Anyways thank you so much. I have one more question. As you said anyone can start, will all the formalities like nombu, vratam, neivedhyam, procedures will be same or is there anything different for a beginner or who don't have? Regards..Srividya, Bangalore.

Mami, i was going through all your blogs, in certain blog you have mentioned that we have to take permission from MIL before starting. As I already mentioned earlier my family vadhyar said we should not do and my MIL generally follows whatever he says. I will try to convince her, but worried if she doesn't agree. Regards, Srividya, Bangalore.

I just wanted to know if their permission is must and as I don't stay with them, it hardly makes any difference, but my concern is should this vratam be performed only after seeking elders' consent. I am clarifying this because when I do the pooja, I want to do whole heartedly and on yearly basis.Thanks and Regards. Srividya

Annual Thithi (2nd death anniversary) of my eldest BIl falls this year on The date of Varalakshmi poojai. CAn i perform on that day or shoudl it be postponed to next friday?

Annual Thithi (2nd death anniversary) of my eldest BIl falls this year on The date of Varalakshmi poojai. CAn i perform on that day or shoudl it be postponed to next friday?

Useful information!!!
It is believed that performing Varalakshmi Homam on Varalakshmi Vrat day is equal to Worshipping Ashtalakshmi’s- the eight goddess. Varalakshmi homam is performed for the purpose of gaining wealth. To know more Click here

Mami, my father in laws brother passed away and so no festival for one year. As I cannot do varalakshmi vratham at home, can I go to my friends or neighbours house to do it. If so, how I have to do in their house. Just put Pushpam and tie the chardu or I can sit along with them and do the Pooja. Please advise. Thank you.

can we keep two kalasam separately for a daughter in law and mother in law

yes if you both are in different locations



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