July 2015
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Weekends are special as we are spending more time with family. We always want to cook something special, especially for evening snack. Mysore Bonda (Maida Bonda) is a very traditional and delicious evening snack from Mysore Cuisine. Fried dumplingsmade with maida and riceflour, curd and spices. They are crispy outside and fluffy inside. A very easy to make and it is crispy and tasty snack. This tasty bonda can be served alone with Coffee or we can also serve with Idly/dosa etc.

Palak Paneer, Soft paneer or Indian cottage cheese are cooked in spinach and spice gravy and garnished with rich cream, a best combination for Roti/Chapati and even for pulao.  It is one of the most popular Paneer variety along with Paneer Butter Masala and Kadai Paneer. Most of us love paneer, especially kids. Paneer dishes are always rich and so yummy and a perfect accompaniment for any Indian Breads. This Palak Paneer is also a popular Paneer dish served in many restaurants. Try this version of Palak paneer and I m sure you are going to love it.

Most of us conventionally make Sambar and chutney varieties for idli / dosa. Kadappa is a special stew made with moong dal, potatoes and whole spices. Kadappa otherwise called as Kumbakonam Kadappa is a very scrumptious side dish for Idli or Dosa. This is one of the popular dishes in Tanjore district. Every restaurant in kumbakonam and other areas of Tanjore district serves this yummy dish for the breakfast. Very simple to make and a best combination for Idli and Dosa.

Mint leaves (Pudhina) are very good for stomach ache and it cure the chest pains. It cures the stomach ailments including indigestion. It has many medical properties.Taking mint juice at night before going to bed induces restful sleep. Taking mint tea half an hour before meals stimulates appetite. Infusion made with mint leaves is useful for cold, flu, hiccups and flatulence. Here is the recipe made of Mint leaves. Keep your breath fresh by chewing some mint leaves. Such a medicinal leaves should be included often in our diet. Try this simple Mint rice (Pudhina Rice) and I am sure you will surely enjoy this dish.

Sometimes we would be bored of making conventional chutneys. Red capsicum chutney is a unique and tasty chutney You would surely love it. This chutney is very rich and dominant in the flavour of roasted capsicum. Red capsicum are a great source of vitamin A & C It is a very nutrition rich vegetable. This would a perfect sidedish for bread, paratha, idli, dosa etc. 

Vathakuzhambu is a traditional kuzhambu variety. It is delicious and spicy. fresh Peppercorns brings out a nice flavour to the kuzhambu. This is one of the main dish served in many tamil marriage occasions. we use to add fried manathakali vathal which is called as Black night shade in english. but you can also add sundakkai instead. Vathakuzhambu with sutta appalam and any fried poriyal with curd rice is a perfect combo for a lunch.

Beetroot Kurma, nutritionally rich beetroot are cooked in coconut based masala gravy. This is a simply delicious gravy and is a perfect accompaniment for chapati, poori or any Indian bread varieties. Rich color of beetroot makes this dish completely appetizing and appealing. When we need to make roti and side dish for a group of guests, then, this would be a perfect dish. Its totally rich in quantity and the taste is delectable. Usually, many of us make vegetable kurma or Paneer Kurma, but try this beetroot kurma and you would surely enjoy it!

We all know, Black pepper is one of the healthy spice. It has a powerful healing property and is used in curing of stomach and throat ailments. One of the best home remedy for cold and flu is mixing a teaspoon of honey with freshly ground peppercorns. We tend to use store bought pepper powder nowadays, But for this recipe,I strongly recommend you all to use only fresh pepepr corns. which brings out a nice aroma and flavour to the whole dish.

When I was in UK, one of my close friend is from Andhra and she used to take Hindi class for my daughter. After Hindi class, sometimes, my daughter used to have food at her home and my daughter loved her cooking, especially Pepper rice. After coming home, she used to talk about how aromatic, tasty the pepper rice was. Then she started bugging me to make the pepper rice often, particularly after school or for the packed lunch.  Lets see how simple is to make this Pepper Rice.

Rava dosa is a popular South Indian Dosa variety made with semolina. Almost all restaurants in SouthIndia have this recipe on their menu.  This is a delectabaly crispy dosa that can be prepared instantly without the usual fermentation process. There are many variations in Rawa Dosa with respect to the ingredients and measurements used and I am giving here the one that I normally use. Serve the crispy and tasty Rava dosa with your favourite dippings. I personally prefer serving with Idli Podi. We can also serve with Idli sambar or any of your favourite chutneys.

Maddur vada is a popular dish from the town of Maddur in Karnataka. We can make this vada instantly and it is a perfect evening time snack. If you are health conscious, then you can alternate maida with wheat flour. I am going to show how to make Maddur vada using 2 different methods. First I, will show how to make this dish using conventional method of Deep frying then I will show how to bake these vadas on Oven. I prefer baking though it is time consuming. But it is a healthy option compared to deep frying as the baking method consumes less oil. The video shown below will explain both the methods. You could also see the instructions given below in text to understand the recipe. 

Puzhukku is a popular recipe from Kerala Cuisine. It is a traditional Kerala dish with root vegetables.  Especially, on Thiruvadhirai, they used to make puzhukku with multiple root veggies. I always like with taro root. Most of the time, we always do stir-fry with Tara root, but this puzhukku is a unique variation with taro root. Seppangkizhangu Puzhukku is a good side dish for any kuzhambu varieties. 

Idli Upma / Masala Idli is one of the simplest and conventional breakfast dish. I generally use the leftover idlis from the breakfast and make Masala Upma out of it and have it for evening snack. After tasting this yummy dish, my granddaughter  prefer to have this for her lunch box instead of the regular idli as this is more delicious than our regular idlis. So for her nowadays I am making this masala idli regularly with fresh idli without waiting for leftover!!!

Kothavarangai Thuvaran is one of the common poriyal in my kitchen every week. I love doing Kothavarangai Usili, but this thuvaran is the favourite dish for all. So, I prefer to do thuvaran instead of usili. This is a simple poriyal which you could do it quicker. Some bigger Cluster beans takes more time to cook, so I would prefer to cook the cluster beans in pressure cooker. Its a simple and tasty poriyal and would be a great accompaniment for any rice varieties.

Kummayam is one of the neivedhyam dishes for Aadi Friday or Aadi Tuesday. Most of us generally make payasam as a neivedhyam for Aadi Friday / Tuesday. It is a very tasty dish prepared with green mong dal, urid dal, rice and jaggery.  This dish is very simple and very scrumptious to make. Lets plan to make this yummy Kummayam as a neivedhyam for this Aadi Friday / Tuesday for Goddess Parvati and get her blessings.

Cauliflower dishes are always so scrumptious. We can make many variety of dry curry and gravies that would be perfect for any Indian Breads / Pulao etc. This Cauliflower Peas Dry curry is also a very tasty accompaniment for any Indian Breads / Pulao varieties. This is a simple and quick curry we can make with cauliflower. You will surely enjoy the taste of this dry curry.

Cauliflowers like other leafy vegetables, have a great chance of having lots of worms. So, we need to put the florets in hot boiling water to get rid of the worms. That is the only concern with cauliflower, other wise the taste would be awesome. Cauliflower dry curries and gravies would be a great treat for both veg and non-vegetarians. 

Methi Sambar is one of the frequently made dish in my home. My kids show aversion to normal spinach, but when I make dishes using Methi leaves, they love it. The tender & greenish Methi always attract me and I frequently make Vendaya Keerai Thuvaran or this Methi Sambar or Methi dal.  Fenugreek leaves are very healthy greens to be included in our routine diet. Its very simple to even grow these leaves in our Patio or garden. We just need a deep tray with good composite. Wet the composite and sprinkle the fenugreek seeds. Add a cup of water daily and keep the tray in the place where you get good sun light. Slowly you can see small green leaves coming out of the sand and within 2 weeks, you would have fresh methi leaves. Try this Organic Methi Sambar and share your comments!

Potato Kurma, a very common kurma that my MIL and I do in my home regularly. I was surprised to see, I have missed to post this recipe. Though this recipe is same as normal kurma that we do with mixed veggies, still this would be helpful for the beginners who would like to try a gravy with Potato. A very tasty accompaniment for any Indian Breads!

This week in lunch menu series, its special. Hotel sambar with Kovakkai Curry, Pineapple Rasam, curd, Rice and Papad. A very tasty lunch menu your family would enjoy for sure. A perfect weekend treat for our family. Restaurant style sambar are always special in their own way. A stir-fry veggie would be a best accompaniment. I chose Kovakkai curry and it would be a perfect sidedish for sambar. Instead of usual rasam, I made Pineapple rasam. The sweet-sourness of the pineapple with pepper touch gives a wonderful flavour to the rasam. Finally, Last but not least, curd, rice and papad. I made tomato vadam and my kids enjoyed the whole menu with tomato vadam. they love the papad so much. 

I born and bought up in the southern part of tamil nadu and i dont remember seeing kovakkai in those places and hence i never get a chance to cook/eat kovakkai during those days. But later when i came to chennai i happend to see kovakkai as a common vegitable and got a chance to taste kovakkai in some of my relatives home ... mmm.. its a yummy vegitable and i and my family really liked it and now it becomes one of the regular curry in our food. Kovakkai is not what I would call my most favourite vegetable, but it's allright enough eaten once a week. Kovakkai has a good medicinal properties too.. its low-calorie, rich in minerals and B complex and, best of all, its low-glycemic index makes it good for diabetics

Its my hubby's Birthday. I wanted to surprise him with homemade cake. I know he is not a great lover of cakes, but my kids are so after it so, I decided to make my kids favourite :-). When, I checked with my daughters, all of them gave a thumbs up for Strawberry cake as they love strawberries. So, I went to walmart and got fresh strawberries and started making this cake. My daughters helped me to make this cake. They are so excited that I let them help me. They really wanted to bake for their dad. So, We decided to make a 2 layer cake and I also got the store bought chocolate frosting to decorate the cake further. The cake was amazingly soft and yummy with strawberry chunks. Kids loved the chocolate frosting and waited patiently till their dad came from office and cut the cake. All of them really enjoyed the Eggless Strawberry Cake. I would like to share the recipe and I believe your kids too enjoy this delicious cake. 

Vengaya Pulithanni is one of the easiest and quickest kuzhambu variety. A bachelor friendly dish which is simple to make with less ingredients.  This is a simple kuzhambu and can be made ready in 10 mins. A very helpful dish especially when we are running out of time or just returned home from a long journey. The pulithanni will be of very thin consistency. We can add a teaspoon of gingelly oil with the rice and have this dish. 

Potato curry are always all time favourite for many of us. Generally, most of us roast or stir-fry the potatoes and it would be a perfect yummy accompaniment for any rice varieties. Sometimes, I do make Potato Podimas. There is a curry powder which many of us prepare and store it and use it whenever we need. Curry powder help us in making many dishes. Here, in this recipe also, I have used the curry powder and prepare this yummy Potato Podi Curry. Try this little variation of Potato Podi Curry and your family would love it!!!

In, SouthIndian Restaurants Coriander Chutney is one of the main accompaniment served with Idli / Dosa / Uthappam. Generally, in most of the restaurants, coconut chutney is made and some quantity of that is taken and ground again with coriander leaves and served as coriander chutney. Basically, its as simple as that. Just a 2 step process, only the ingredients makes the magin and you will have a nice aroma rich restaurant style Coriander chutney to be served with Idli / Dosa. 

Pakoda Kuzhambu is one of the popular and tasty kuzhambu variety in Chettinad Cuisine. Bengal gram dal with spices and onions are made into yummy and crispy pakodas which are then added to tangy and masala rich kuzhambu. A very mouth-watering kuzhambu variety which has to be mixed with hot steaming rice. Any stir-fry veggie would be a nice combination, but personally, I like serving this yummy kuzhambu with papad / fryums. We can also make pakodas like we normally do with gram flour, rice flour, onion and spices. But making pakodas with channa dal would be much crispier and tastier than using flour. We can make the kuzhambu and pakoda in parallel which will make the whole process easier and quicker. Now, lets see how to make this yummy Pakoda Kuzhambu..

I saw this recipe in one of the magazine (Aval Vikatan I guess !-). My Mom and MIL used to make plain jevvarasi vadam which I learnt from them. But adding tomato to the conventional sago papad is something new to me. I have seen colorful papads in shops and I know they would have added food colors. But in this Tomato Papad, the tomato puree makes the magic. It gives a nice flavour to the papad and also adds a beautiful color to the papad. You can see my snaps and find out how the color is in unfried papad. But once we fry the color is not that much red, but the taste is awesome. Without any artificial colors, we are having a nice tomato flavoured sago papad. So, my next try would be mint-coriander flavoured sago papad. I will post the recipe soon... Lets see how to make this yummy, tangy and crunchy Tomato Sago Papad (Thakkali Jevvarasi Vadam Tamatar Sabudana Papad)


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