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Tiffin Sambar for Idli/ Dosa is always a great treat to our taste buds, especially if it has the taste of restaurants. We always love the sambar served with mini idli in restaurants. It is a best complement for any South Indian Breakfast like Idli / Dosa / Upma / Uthappam etc. Tiffin Sambar is very simple to make and it is healthy too as we are going to add lots of veggies. The shallots is the main secret which really enhances the flavor and also the freshly ground coconut-spice paste. Finally before serving, garnish with fresh onions, coriander leaves and also little ghee. The ghee, just before serving, is another secret of getting of Restaurant style Tiffin sambar at home. Try this Hotel Style Tiffin Sambar and share your experience! 

Aloo Bonda is one of the simple and scrumptious evening snack. Its a popular snack in all hotels and even in marriages for an evening snack. It is very simple to make with less effort. There is another variety go Bonda which is also very popular is Mysore Bonda. Mysore Bonda is made with Maida (All purpose flour). But for Aloo Bonda, we use gram flour and rice flour along with indian spices. First of all we need to make Aloo Masala and then prepare batter using gram flour, rice flour and other indian spices. Then coat each potato masala dumplings in batter and deep fry till the bonds is crispy and golden brown. A Best tea-time snack for a nice evening!

Arisi Thengai Payasam is a traditional payasam which we make during festivals. Normally we make payasam using dals and jaggery. This is a slight variation of payasam without using dals. We concoct this with raw rice, coconut and jaggery to make this mouth-watering dish. It is one of the neivedhyam dishes.

Sodhi is a vegetable Stew which is so popular in Tirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. Mixed veggies (carrot, potato,drumstick) are cooked in greenchili-ginger paste along with thin coconut milk and then enriched with cooked moong dal along with thick coconut milk. Finally add a tanginess using lemon juice. In Tirunelveli, especially during marriages, this delicious Sodhi is served with hot steaming rice. Its also called as "Mapillai Sodhi". 'Mapillai' means 'Groom'. A wonderful veggie stew that goes well with Aapam, Idiyappam or even with hot steaming rice! Try out this Tirunelveli Sodhi and share your experience!

Capsicum Thokku, a spicy and flavourful thick mixture that would be a perfect accompaniment for rice, Dosa, Idli, uthappam etc. The rich aroma of the capsicum is the secret of this recipe. Capsicum, green chili, ginger along with curry leaves and coriander leaves are ground together and then boiled along with tamarind paste to make a thick paste. The combined flavor of capsicum and green chilli enriches the taste. We can also use red and yellow capsicum along with green ones. Try this Capsicum Thokku and share your experience!

Aval is a healthy grain. For most of the auspicious occasions and also during vrat days, this is one ingredient that is widely used. Aval Payasam is a easy to make kheer and it so delicious with a rich flavor of thick milk. Many kids love sugar based kheer instead of jaggery based payasam. Semiya Payasam, paal payasam and aval payasam is a best sugar based payasam. We can also make this payasam using coconut milk instead of plain milk.

Rafa Sheera, a special prasad (offering) made especially on SathyaNarayana Pooja on a Full MoonDay. Roasted Rava is cooked in milk and cooked with sugar and mushed banana and garnished with roasted cashews. This is much similar to our conventional Rava Kesari, but the variation is we are cooking rava in milk for Sheera and also add ripe banana. We can also make this same procedure with cracked wheat instead of sooji. Try this Rava Sheera (Sooji Halwa) and share your experience! 

Palak Pakoda (Spinach Fritters), Easy Indian Snack, a perfect tea time snack. Palak Pakoda, made of healthy greens like Spinach, mint & coriander leaves along with besan, rice flour and spices. A crunchy and tasty evening snack. Palak Pakoda is one way of making our kids to eat the greens. Sometimes we carve to eat something crunchy but we look of easier and quicker snack. 

Sweet Potato Roti, a nutritious and scrumptious variety of roti. Most of us know the health benefits of Sweet Potatoes. They are rich in fibre, rich in vitamin C and E, also good for heart. Using up such a nutritious veggie is always good for our health. So why not we try this sweet potato roti instead of plain rotis. I bet they are soft and more tastier than the normal rotis.

Bhindi Masala Gravy, a popular masala curry which is a perfect complement for Indian Roti / Naan etc. Ladysfinger are sautéed and added to onion-tomato based gravy along with many flavor full Indian Spices. Most of us, especially the children love Ladysfinger. So this would be a huge hit dish in most of the homes. Even in restaurants, most of us order bindi Masala as one side dish for Roti / Naan.

Ash gourd (Poosanikkai) Peanut Sambar is a mouth-watering SouthIndian Main dish which goes well with hot steaming rice. White pumpkin (Ashgourd) is cooked with tangy tamarind based gravy along with peanuts in addition to sambar spice. Pumpkin is a water vegetable and it cooks so quickly so if we are ready with cooked dal and peanuts, then this dish would take only 15 minute to finish. Serve this delicious Ashgourd Peanut Sambar Recipe | Poosanikkai Sambar with rice along with some nicely deep fried veggie and enjoy the taste!

Paneer dishes are all time favorite, especially for kids. Paneer in any form would be a perfect dish for potluck or parties. Reshmi Paneer is a very delicious and rich accompaniment for Roti / Naan. Its a delicious masala curry made with soft paneer, capsicum and variety of spices. There is no hassle of grinding (just making a puree or you can use store bought tomato puree) and its pretty simple and easy to make. The fresh cream enriches taste and brings down the tanginess of the tomato puree. a rich, creamy and tasty Reshmi Paneer would be a perfect complement for your Indian Bread!

Dal Masala Rice, a simple and quick to make Indian rice variety. Rice and dal are cooked with whole garam masala and garnished with cashews & coriander leaves. Even, bachelors can cook this delicious rice within minutes. No hassle of grinding masala or complex procedure involved. Adding thoor dal enriches the taste and also protein rich. Try this Dal Masala Rice and let me know your comments!!!

Beach Sundal, Beach pattani gravy are so popular especially in Southern part of India.  We love eating hot and steaming peas masala in the breezy air. I have seen how they serve, first in a bowl, they add broken samosa and then on top of it they add this masala gravy and garnish with fresh onions, coriander leaves etc. Such a mouthwatering chaat is nutrition rich too as we are using dried peas which are rich in dietary fiber and proteins. Making this nutritional rich White Peas Masala Gravy at home gives us a benefit of intaking such healthy chaat in the evening and also its more hygienic. The consistency of this chaat is little watery that would be the ultimate

Paneer Recipes are always popular among kids. Even many of us love Paneer dishes for roti / Paratha. Paneer in any form is always so appetizing. Methi Paneer, a gravy made with fresh Methi leaves cooked with creamy onion-tomato gravy along with Indian spices. A very creamy and rich Indian Vegetarian Gravy that would be a perfect accompaniment for any Indian Breads like Roti / Paratha / Naan etc. A perfect dish for any parties.

Brinjal Poricha kuzhambu is one of the traditional kuzhambu variety. My Grand mother used to make this yummy dish. Tender Brinjals are finely chopped and cooked in tamarind and spicy gravy. A thick kuzhambu variety that goes very well with rice. Serve with Toasted Appalam or any stir-fry veggies and you will surely enjoy this simple and scrumptious dish.

Vegetable Makhanwala, is a rich and tasty vegetarian gravy. A perfect side dish for Indian Breads like Roti/ Chapati / Naan etc. Vegetable rich gravy with the richness of cream makes this a mouth-watering dish. Sometimes it is really tough to make kids eat variety of veggies. Mixed vegetable dishes are always easy to make them eat vegetables. Also in this Vegetable Makhanwala the spice level is mild and the fresh cream enriches the taste and flavor. My kids always love to eat dish delicious dish with chapati. Try this Vegetable Makhanwala and share your comments!

Chickpeas is rich in protein and a very healthy pulse. Apart from usual sundal, we can add chickpeas to sambar, kuzhambu etc. This is one simple sambar variety resembles much as vathakuzhambu served in marriages but with only one twist of adding mashed dal. So we can follow the same vathakuzhambu method but with extra ingredients such as chickpeas and dal. Also the seasoning ingredients will add a extra flavor to the dish. Try this version of Chickpeas Sambar and share your experience!

Quinoa is one of the popular health food. Quinoa is a gluten-free, high protein, the few plant foods, that contain all nine amino acids. This grain is one of the high nutrition rich grain which is recommended by most of the physicians as a substitute for white polished rice. We can make some cool dishes using Quinoa and one such dish is Quinoa Khichdi. We are enhancing the nutrition rich grain by adding veggies and making it much more healthier and tastier. This Quinoa Khichdi is one of the healthy breakfast dish!

Quinoa is a seed. Some of us think it is "Thinai (Foxtail Millet)". But Quinoa is not "Thinai". In most of the big supermarkets or grocery shops like Nilgiris we can get Quinoa but I believe it has not become so popular in India and hence very costly. All of our naturally grown millets are nutrition rich but sometimes, if you live abroad, its really tough to get millets in Indian Grocery shops. So, as an alternate to millets and also naturally rich in nutrition, we can start including Quinoa in our routine diet. 

Hara Bhara Kebab is a very popular Indian evening snack. Its made out of all green ingredients like green peas, spinach, green chilli along with potato and besan as binding agents. A shallow fried cutlets with richness of spinach, a way to make kids eat spinach and greeen peas! Sometimes we something crunchy and yummy along with evening tea / coffee. Hara Bhara Kebab would be a perfect tea-time snack!

Almond (Badam) is one of the healthy nut. We can make many recipes using Almonds. Already I have published Badam Cashew Burfi. That is more richer sweet. Given here is Almond Burfi (Badam Burfi), a very popular Indian sweet, generally made during Diwali or other auspicious occasions. This is a very quick and easy recipe. We don't have complexities like looking for sugar syrup consistency. No big expertise needed to make this wonderful dish. Try this easy and rich Badam Burfi for Diwali and share your experience !

Maida Burfi, a South Indian Fudge made with All Purpose Flour. This is one burfi which is very was and quick to make. We can add food color to make it look more appealing but I prefer natural color, so added few strands of Saffron. We can also add vanilla extract or Rose Essence or even the Badam Essence. This would be  perfect Sweet for Diwali, especially to share with Friends & Relatives!

This is a quick version of Nada(Ribbon Pakoda) hence the name Quick Nada :-). Instant way to prepare nada with ingredients readily available at home. The conventional method of making Ribbon Pakoda (Nada) is a little time consuming process, still worth doing it. But nowadays, many of us are working women so not finding time to make snacks in a conventional way, instead we just buy from shops. Buying snacks from shop is not hygienic. They deep fry the snacks in the same oil multiple times and it is not good for health. Instead try instant version of making snacks in home with fresh oil and it will be hygienic too. Try this instant version of ribbon pakoda and share your experience!

Sometimes, we would like to make a quick, easy and also delicious savoury or spicy snack for tea time especially during weekend evenings! This Pepper Murukku is a perfect snack which is  quick and easy to make. It doesn't need any expertise and nothing will go wrong in making Pepper Murukku. This would be an ideal snack for Diwali. Surprise your family and friends with this delicious Pepper Murukku!

Besan Ladoo is another traditional Diwali Sweet. It is very simple, quick and easy to make sweet like our other traditional SouthIndian Ladoos like Maa Ladoo, Rava Ladoo etc. Diwali is all about fun and frolic. We love making lots of sweets and snacks and share it with our friends and relatives. This Besan Ladoo is one such sweet easy to share with friends and family. Try this Besan Ladoo for this Diwali and share your experience!

For quite a long time, I have been thinking to publish this recipe. A very quick and simple, instant and yet very very delicious sweet dish. Best gift box sweet, particularly for Diwali. In many sweet shops, this chocolate burfi is displayed as "Double-decker Burfi" as the top layer is chocolate and the bottom layer would be khoya. Great dish taste wise as well as presentation wise. Also we are going to use Khoya which makes our effort very less. I have used homemade khoya. But we can also use store-bought Khoya. Now a days many working women are not finding time to make sweets and snacks. This would be a perfect dish for them.

For many milk sweets such as Gulab Jamun, halwa, burfi's we need unsweetened khoya (mawa). Mostly in Northern parts of India, unsweetened khoya is a readily available ingredient in grocery shops. But in down south, its very rare to get store bought unsweetened khoya. Most of the shops have Srivilliputhur Palkhova which is sweetened. Making unsweetened khoya is time consuming process. But, its worth making it as we can do many homemade khoya (Mawa) based desserts. Homemade Khoya doesn't have any additives or preservatives and it is healthy and hygienic. The shelf life is 3-5 days if refrigerated. This time, I made chocolate burfi using this unsweetened khoya. 

Poha chivda (Aval Mixture) is one of the popular Indian snack. Chivda is a crunchy and spicy snack which is quick and easy to make. Generally SouthIndian mixture which has lots of murukku, boondhi, peanuts, sev and many more crunchy ingredients. This traditional SouthIndian mixture is little complicated and time consuming compared to Poha Chivda. Sometimes we like to have some crunchy snack along with our tea / coffee or an after-school snack. So try this Poha Chivda for this Diwali and share your experience!

Sabudana (Sago, also known as Tapioca) Khichdi  is a special dish generally prepared during fasting (Vrat) days like Navratri , MahaSivaratri or Ekadhasi. Especially in Maharashtra this is a famous dish and they prepare for Navratri. A very tasty breakfast dish too. Sago cooked with mashed potatoes and coarse peanut powder. We do not add garlic or onion in the dish. For normal breakfast, we can also add vegetables and makes this Khichdi rich and healthy.

Sweet Rice Pongal / Sakkarai Pongal is an auspicious neivedhyam dish for many festivals. Even in many temples Sweet Rice Pongal / Sakkarai Pongal is given as Prasadham. For most of the festivals dedicated to Lord Vishnu we prepare this wonderful dish as neivedhyam. It is one of the easiest sweet recipe that we can make with less effort. Given here a little twist to the conventional way of preparing Sakkarai Pongal. I have learnt this little trick from my close friend and believe me, just by adding a little ghee along with milk in the jaggery syrup, enhances the flavor and taste of the whole dish. Try this version and share your experience!

Chickpeas is a nutrition rich pulses which are high in protein and fiber and low in calcium. For Balanced diet, we need to take more protein rich food and this chickpea salad is one dish which is so healthy. Always it is good to have some salad or sprouts around 11am or 4pm. This Chickpeas Salad is a good option as part of balanced diet. Protein rich chickpeas are served with rice veggies along with dressing. Dressing is optional. We can just garnish with pepper powder and lemon juice. A Very stomach filling salad with balanced nutrients. 

Carrot Coconut Burfi is a little twist to our conventional coconut burfi. Just adding carrots to the coconut not only enhances the flavour but also makes this unique and appetizing. Sugary sweets are always calorie rich. But once a while we can have this delicious burfi. Especially for festivals like Diwali, this is one of the unique treat to your family and friends.  

Ring Murukku | Rice Flour Rings is a famous and traditional murukku especially we do for Diwali. We all would have been enjoying this yummy snack whenever we prepare in home or even if we get from Shops. From kids to elders most of us enjoy these murukku by wearing this in our fingers :-). Crispy and crunchy ring murukku is a very good accompaniment with hot tea / coffee. Its so simple and easy to make at home. We can concoct this yummy snack using store bought rice flour or home made rice flour. My advice is to use Home Made Rice Flour. 

Sakkara Varatti or Sarkara Upperi or Jaggery Coated Plantain chips is one of the popular Kerala dish. We can get these chips in hotchips stores but we can make it at home easily with raw plantains. This Sakkara Upperi or Sakkara Varati is usually served in Onam Sadya. Plantains are chopped like crescents and then deep fried till they are crispy and then jaggery syrup is made and the fried plantain chips are coated in the jaggery syrup along with cumin powder, cardamom powder and dry ginger powder. Try this simple and yummy Sarkara varatti and share your experience!

Kumbalanga Pulissery ( Kumbalanga Mor Curry) is the most popular dish from Kerala Cuisine. This is one of the important dish as part of the Onam Sadya. Puliseery can be made with Cucumber also but Ash gourd tastes so yummy in mor curry. Puliserry is served with hot steaming rice. In TamilNadu, we made morkuzhambu similar to this pulissery but with slight variations like grinding coriander seeds and thoor dal along with grated coconut.  Try this Kumbalanga (Ashgourd) Puliserry and share your experience!

Mathanga Erissery ( Kerala Pumpkin Curry ) is one of the popular dishes as part of Onam Sadya. A delicious curry made out of pumpkin. The flavor of coconut along with spices cooked with pumpkin is a delight to our taste buds. Eriserry is usually served with rice. My MIL used to make Erissery with Chenai (Yam). We can also do this same recipe with Raw Banana. Try this easy and yummy Mathanga Eriserry for this Onam Sadya!

This is another method to prepare kozhukattai mavu. Instead of using dry rice flour, we can make a batter out of the soaked rice and then cook the batter to make a dough. This method is quite simple and we don't need to worry about the ratio of flour and water. Even if the batter is very thin, cooking the batter eventually make it like a dough. Some of the beginners find it difficult to work with water and rice flour. So, they can follow this method to make the Kozhukattai Mavu Outer cover. Hope this helps!

Gongura Pachadi (pickle) is a very popular & authentic dish in Andhra Cuisine.  Its made of fresh Gongura leaves and spices. Spice, sour are the main aspects of the dish. We can mix the Gongura pickle with rice or serve with curd rice or Idli / Dosa. Even if you are abroad, you can easily find this gongura leaves in any Indian Grocery shop. Palak leaves & Gongura are the greens commonly available. We also find this Gongura pachadi as a ready mix in shops especially Grand Sweets. All those ready mix available in bottles are having preservatives. So, we can prepare this at home for a healthier version. 

Cooking veggies in Peanut based gravy always made me mouth-watering. Brinjals taste so good with peanuts & onions based curry. We can also make the same curry using capsicum instead of brinjal. Peanuts, sesame seeds and poppy seeds are the base to the underlying gravy. We will enjoy the coarse texture of these ingredients in each bite. Try this Brinjal Peanut Curry with any Indian Bread of your choice and let me know your experience!

Another variety of spicy vadam/vathal. We can use this vadam dough to make ommapodi or thenkuzhal vadam. Ommapodi or thenkuzhal vadam is a spicy and crunchy treat for any Indian Rice Varieties. Just with right ratio of rice batter and water, this would be one of the easiest fryums (vadam) to make at home. Every tamil calendar month "Maasi" (feb mid to mar mid), its a tradition in most of us to make crispy vadam at whole lots which we could use it till next year. Crunchy and spicy Ommapodi madam is a perfect accompaniment for many SouthIndian gravies too :-)

For Seemandam / Valagappu, its a tradition in Tirunelveli to keep Varavarisi as seer bakshanam. Indian pulses like green moong, cow peas, black chick peas, yellow peas dal along with peanut, poha, sesame seeds, rice are all dry roasted and mixed together with salt and spice. A very healthy snack as we are using all healthy pulse and we are dry roasting without frying anything in oil. Especially for valagappu its a tradition to make this nutritional rich dish. We need little patience to finish this dish. So nowadays most of us are getting this varavarisi from Grand Sweets and keeping it for seer bakshanam. But its not a complex dish, so we can very well make this and it would be a healthy snack for kids too. Instead of giving fried snacks this Varavarisi (varapayiru) is a healthy snack too !

Aloo Poha or Batata Poha is one of the popular NorthIndian Breakfast dish especially in Gujarat and many parts of Mumbai. A simple to make breakfast. We can exclude onions in this dish and use it as a fasting (vrat) dish also. Aloo Poha/Urulaikizhangu Aval Upma/Potato Poha, a quick and delicious breakfast which we could make it 10 minutes. Aloo poha is much more tasty than simple Poha/aval upma. Evening during the evenings, we can make this wonderful dish for the children in our home. Try this and let me know your comments!!!

Kai Murruku, Its a belief of many people that it is very hard to make. I also feared the same, but when i tried it for the first time, i realized, it is not too hard to make. The only tricky part is the twisting of the rice flour. But i am sure that we could get it more proper by make it frequently. Though mine is also less accurate, still want to share this recipe to make everyone believe that kai murukku is a doable recipe. Lets all try this Puzhungal Arisi Kai Murukku (Parboiled Rice Kai Murukku) recipe and surprise our relatives and friends.

We all make Arisi Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai especially for Vinayaka Chaturti Festival. We can use any type of millets in place of rice and make delicious and healthy dishes. So this time, I tried making Varagu Arisi (Kudo Millet) Pidi Kozhukattai for neivedhyam and it turned out so tasty. Try this millet based pidi kozhukattai and share your comments!

Vegetable Puff, a very delicious evening snack in most of the office pantries and also in Indian Theatres. Also whenever we pass a bakery, we smell the delicious flavour of Vegg Puff. With Puff pastry sheets, its very easy to make the bakery style Vegetable puff at home. We just need to prepare the veggie filling and then use the filling in puff pastry sheets and bake it. A very simple to make Indian baking dish that would be given as evening snack!

Kambu is a very nutritional rich millet. We can make many different dishes using kambu. Kambu porridge is one of the conventional and healthiest porridge in village. Especially, it gives nourishment and strength for the farmers who work very hard in the farm. Now a days most of us have understood the importance of millets over the usual carbs rich ingredients like rice or wheat. So let try to use the millets in our regular diet and substitute it for rice or wheat and stay healthy. Kambu Vadai (Pearl Millet Vada / Bajri Vada) is a healthy and crispy snack. Very simple and easy to make and I m sure everyone will love this quick and easy evening snack.

Ellu Milagu podi is a perfect complement for South Indian Breakfast dishes like Idli / Dosa / Uthappam. Ellu (Sesame Seeds) when roasted has a nice aroma and enriches the flavor of the Milagiai Podi. For Plain milagai podi, we use bengal gram dal, urad dal and red chillies, here in this dish ,we are going to skip bengal gram dal and use sesame seeds instead. 

Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, commonly served in a pita, which acts as a pocket. Falafel balls may also be eaten alone as a snack or served as part of assortment of appetizers. I first tasted last week in a Mediterranean Restaurants. The Falafel was served along with Pita pockets. It was so delicious and then one of my friend explained the ingredients and immediately decided to make it this week. This is such a delightful snack or appetizer. 

Malai Kofta, a very popular Vegetarian gravy served in most of the restaurants. Paneer mixed with boiled potatoes along with Indian spices are made into dumplings and deep fried to make delicious koftas. The base gravy is the butter-cream rich onion-tomato gravy along with Indian spices. Once the gravy is ready, just before serving, add the koftas and serve hot! A wonderful and rich vegetarian gravy that goes well with any Indian bread. 

I have a friend in UK who is a Physiotherapist. She is also a nutritionist. She shares a lot of good diet which are nutrition rich. She also tells me not to cook any fruit as cooking fruits makes the fruits less  in nutrition. But sometimes we do cook fruits like we cook jackfruit, banana etc. In the same way, there is one more excellent dish, Apple Halwa. First time, I have seen this recipe is in television. Mrs. Revathi Shankaran was concocting this Apple halwa. I was so fascinated by the way she demonstrate the recipe. OH! How talented is she!! I am a great fan of her. Guess, I am deviating from the recipe too much :-). Ok Lets get back to this yummy dish.

Khasta Kachori is a delicious and spicy Indian Chaat. The outer cover is made of maida and the inner filling with yellow split moong dal or green moong dal with spices. Topped with chutneys, onion, tomato, yogurt and sev to make the khasta kachori chaat really appetizing. This is one of the popular Indian Street food. Already I have published Aloo Kachori and also poha kachori. This is a very tasty Kachori and a best evening time snack. Serve with green chutney and ketchup and enjoy this delicious snack!

Khasta Kachori is a delicious and spicy Indian Chaat. The outer cover is made of maida and the inner filling with yellow split moong dal or green moong dal with spices. Topped with chutneys, onion, tomato, yogurt and sev to make the khasta kachori chaat really appetizing. This is one of the popular Indian Street food. Already I have published Aloo Kachori and also poha kachori. This is a very tasty Kachori and a best evening time snack. Serve with green chutney and ketchup and enjoy this delicious snack!

Pearl Millet, one of the nutritional rich millet. I have already published few millet recipes. Kambu  Koozh (Pearl Millet Porridge) is one of my favorite. Sometimes its hard for us to make children eat millet dishes. To make kids eat, we need to make some interesting dishes like cake, cookies etc. This time, I made Kambu Cookie. I have enriched the cookie with almonds, coconut and also used brown sugar instead of white. Pearl Millet(Kambu / Bajra) Cookie is an healthy snack for the kids.

First thing comes to mind thinking of this name Kaima Idli is Saravana Bhavan. Wow! There are few dishes that are awesome in each restaurant and this one is one such dish. Whenever, I visit HSB, my first order would be Ghee Pongal and followed by Kaima Idli. Such a mouth-watering dish made out of left over Idlis. Generally we all make Idli Upma which is very simple dish with left over Idlis. Once a while, we should all try making Kaima Idli. Left over Idlis are deep fried and add to the spicy onion-tomato gravy with aroma rich Indian Spices. Though, this Kaima Idli is calorie rich compared to steam cooked plain Idlis, this dish is really tasty and worth making. Try this delicious Kaima Idli and surprise your family and friends!

Pineapple Kesari, a best delicious sweet dish I often make especially during functions in my home. The flavour of pineapple brings a special taste. Pineapple usually has more of citric acid than sweetness. So to get rid of the citric taste, Sugar needs to be added which take away the citric nature from the fruit. I always prefer to make kesari with the natural flavour instead of adding kesar/color powder or pineapple essence. A scrumptious recipe to treat our guests...

Gulab Jamun is a favourite dessert for many of us. Kala Jamun is also one of the popular dessert in Indian Sweet stalls. Kala Jamun are usually dry and in dark brown or black color. Black color doesn't mean they are burnt. Its just we are deep frying them. Also we are refrying the golden brown jamun so they turn deep brown and also much more crispier. This is one of the tastiest and delicious dessert. Also, mostly kala jamun has a filling. 1/4th Quantity of the dough is mixed with food color along with powdered sugar and that would be so delicious. I have made a small change. Instead of just using a food color, I have made nuts powder and stuffed the Jamun. Try this Kala Jamun and I m sure you would love it !

This is very good dish to serve with Idly / Dosai. We can prepare this very quickly and hence the name Avasara sambar (Quick Sambar) (Kadalai Mavu Sambar). Sometimes, making idli sambar will take sometime as we need to cook the thoor dal first. This is an instant sambar which goes well with Idli / Dosa / Pongal. Try this instant side dish for idli / dosa and share your comments!

Bottlegourd belongs to Cucumber family. Bottlegourd is a nutritional rich veggie most of the children try to escape. Even the grown-ups think this is a flavour less veggie. It is a best veggie to include in your diet, if you are in low-calorie diet. There are much more advantages of bottlegourd. I don't want to discuss in this post as it may be boring. So If anyone really interested to know the nutritional benefits of bottlegourd, visit this page Healthbenefits.com

I have already published few Bottlegourd recipes. This is another interesting and tasty dish. Bottlegourd Kurma (Sorakkai Kurma) is a best and healthy accompaniment for any Indian Bread like Roti, Chapati etc. Try this simple and tasty kurma and share your experience!

Paneer 65 is a very delightful starter for any parties or occasions. Mouth-watering paneer is not only favorite of kids but also for grown-ups. We can make lots of different variety of starters using paneer and Paneer 65 is very simple to make. If we use full fat paneer, then after frying the paneer will be very soft and soggy, so try to use less fat paneer. The outer side of the paneer will be crispy and the inner portion is soft. Try this for any party at your home and surprise your family and friends!

Sweet Potato by itself is delicious. Many of us just boil sweet potato and mix with jaggery and make it an evening snack which is so tasty and also healthy.  We can make delicious halwa with sweet potato. This halwa variety is so easy to make. There is no expertise needed to make this dessert. A perfect dessert for any party.  Try this Sweet Potato Halwa and share your experience!

Vegetable Pickle are always so delicious and simple. This Tindora Achar is made with Ivygourd along with spice powder and salt. A simple to make and instant pickle. First time, MY MIL tasted this pickle in one marriage in her native place. She asked the chef and he told its Kovakkai pickle. The pickle was so delicious. The kovakkai is so crunchy and spicy and we enjoyed with curd rice. One of the subbuskitchen  subscriber, requested for Kovakkai Pickle, so I checked with my MIL and tried this pickle and its a huge hit. It is similar to Mango pickle and tastes too good. Try this Kovakkai Pickle (Tindora Achar) and Im sure you will surely love it!

Eggless Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins, one of the yummy Muffin variety. Muffins / Cupcakes are one of the delicious breakfast for kids in most of the schools. Kids love to take muffins in their snack box. We can make many variety of Eggless muffins. This Eggless Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins is one of the easiest variety and it is very moist inside and crispy outside. Try out this very simple to bake muffin and share your experience!

Paal Paayasam using cooker - A simple hassle free cooking yet no compromise on the taste, colour and thickness. You can just keep the cooker on low flame and take care of the other works. You don't need to stand in-front the stove and keep on stirring the milk that we do for the conventional paal payasam. Without adding any additional ingredients like milk-maid or saffron, you will automatically get the right colour and consistency in this way cooking.

We can do many yummy recipes with Semiya(Vermicilli). Previously we have seen curd semiya. Now this is another snack variety we can do with semiya. If we have sudden guests in home, we can easily prepare this and they will be happy to eat a different variety of pakoda. If we have leftover semiya upma, then we can add besan and rice flour along with little spices and deep fry them to make yummy and crunchy Semiya Pakoda (Vermicelli Fritters).  Try this and let me know your comments!!!

Lobia is nothing but a recipe made using Black Eye Beans. Black Eye Beans (Karamani/Perumpayiru) is one of the primary source of nutrition and its important for the children. This Lobia masala is a very popular dish in Punjab and many parts of Northern India. This delicious Lobia Masala (Black Eyed Peas Masala) is very simple to make and it is a great accompaniment for any Indian Breads.

Nutritional Rich Kollu ( Horse Gram) should be included in our day to day diet. It also helps in weight loss. This Kollu Chutney is one way to include kollu in our routine diet. This Kollu Chutney is so delicious and  a perfect accompaniment for Idli / dosa. Conventional chutneys like Coconut, Mint, Tomato are sometimes boring, This Kollu chutney is a unique and so tasty too. Try this Kollu Chutney and share your experience!

Sweet Potato Poli, a scrumptious Indian dessert made with maida based outer cover and sweet potato and green moong based inner filling. Generally we make poli with channa dal filling or coconut filling. This sweet potato is a another variety of filling that is so tasty. Most of us know the Nutritional benefits of sweet potato. Because of its sweet nature, some of us doesn't like a dry curry made with sweet potato. Adding jaggery enhances the sweetness of sweet potato and also increases the taste of the whole dish. Also, we are going to add green moong which is also rich in protein. Try this Sweet Potato Poli and share your experience. 

Sugiyan is a traditional offering to God especially for Vinayaka chaturti or auspicious occasions like Ganapathy Homam etc. Instead of making steam cooked thengaai purana kozhukattai, we need to coat the coconut jaggery filling with urdal and rice flour based batter and then deep fry each of them till they are crispy. This Fired Modak stays even for 3-4 days as we are deep frying the modak. 

Keerai Dhal Masiyal, a yummy stew variety using any greens. Spinach are very healthy for us and we need  try to have a spinach dish every day. Any form of keerai is good for us. We can try Methi dal, Dal Palak, Keerai Masiyal, keerai kuzhambu along with this yummy keerai kootu.A very simple stew variety using moong dal and little coconut make this dish simply irresistible.

Chips are favorite not only for kids but also for grown-ups. We all love to eat some crispy chips. Chips with hot tea / coffee is a perfect evening snack. We can make chips using potato, sweet potato, raw banana and many more veggies. This Raw Banana Chips is very popular in Southern part of India. We can make salted raw banana chips or season it with pepper or chill powder to make it spicy. 

Thandai is one of the popular summer drink in Maharashtra. It is the special beverage especially made on Mahasivaratri & Holi Festival. I tasted this awesome drink in one of my friend's house who is a Maharashtrian, I got this recipe from her and I loved this chill and flavorful drink especially during hot day. The rich flavor of fennel seeds and peppercorns along with nuts gives a nice taste to the drink. Try this flavor rich Thandai and I m sure you will like this drink for this hot summer!

Panna cotta is a very popular dessert from Italian Cuisine. The main secret ingredient added to get jelly like texture is Gelatin. Most of us doesn't include gelatin as it is obtained from various animal byproducts. The alternative for Gelatin is Agar Agar which is obtained from plants. So, instead of gelatin, we can use agar agar to get jelly texture. We can get Agar Agar in chinese shops or in Indian grocery shops or even in Amazon. So, with agar agar added to mango and coconut milk, this panna cotta is the best served dessert ever. Very simple to make without much hassle. Try this Mango Coconut Panna Cotta and share your experience!

Shallots (Baby onions) are always rich in flavor. It gives a nice flavor and aroma to any dishes like sambar, theeyal, chutney etc. Garlic added to shallots and ground with spicy red chili is really a treat to all spice lovers. If you want to add less spice, then also this chutney tastes good. But really try adding more spice and you will surely love this accompaniment with any SouthIndian Breakfast dishes like Idli, Dosa, Adai etc. Try this Chinna Vengayam Poondu (Shallots Garlic Chutney) and share your experience.

A very flavourful and protein rich dosai made with chickpeas, rice & poha and grind it with red chilli, curry leaves to a batter. Thin & crispy Kondakadalai dosa is a healthy and yummy breakfast or dinner dish. Serve with your favorite chutny and enjoy the dish. I have seen this recipe is one of the kitchen show hosted by Mrs.Revathi Shamugham. I love all her recipes. She is very innovative and most of her recipes are easy to make. This is one such amazing dish. The flavor of chickpeas in the dosa is awesome and it tastes well with shallots-garlic chutney. I will publish the shallots-garlic chutney in my next post. Try this kondakadalai dosa (Chickpeas Dosa) and share your experience!

Jam is one of the favourite dish for many of us, especially for kids. Bread & Jam are best combination dishes. Though nutella & Peanut butter has become so popular, still different fruit jam are still available and many of us like the fruit jam. Basically the fruit is concocted with sugar syrup. It is very easy to make fruit jam at home. Homemade dishes are always healthy and hygienic. Got fresh Raw Mangoes from market, so thought of making Raw mango jam and it turned out awesome. My kids love this homemade Raw Mango Jam. Try this Raw mango jam and enjoy with bread!

Kalakand is a very popular Indian dessert made with Fresh Paneer, Condensed milk and garnished with nuts. We can enhance this plain kalakand by adding Mango puree and make it rich into Mango Kalakand. A very delicious mango flavoured Kalakand. Perfect dessert for any parties. Mango desserts are always very appetizing and mouth-watering. Try this delicious Mango Kalakand and share your experience!

Another delicious halwa variety is Mango Halwa. Summer season is special for many things like vacation, ice cream, water melon, mango. Most of us devour mangoes in this summer. We can make many variety of dishes with ripe mangoes. Mango Halwa is one such mouth-watering dish. Just with 3 ingredients we will have a rich and wonderful dessert. Surprise your family and friends by making this Mango halwa and share your experiences!

We are using both butter milk and tamarind to make this kuzhambu and hence its called Iru Puli Kuzhambu. Its a tangy gravy with a mix of spice. This goes very well with Paruppu usuli, roasted potato/vazhakkai, vazhakaai puli kootu. There may be many ways of making iru puli kuzhambu and the one which I used to make regularly is given below. This is a combination of moorkuzhambu and thengai araitha kuzhambu.

Aam Phirini (Mango Phirni) is a very delightful dessert during mango season. A rich dessert made with whole milk, rice and mango puree and garnished with nuts. A perfect mango delight for our taste buds. Most of us love mangoes and in this mango season, there are few mango recipes which we should not miss. One such is this Aam Phirni. The preparation of this dessert doesn't need any expertise. Its very simple and straight forward and no one can make any mistake. A perfect party dessert to treat our guests.

We all are tired of this summer heat, but at the same time summer seasonal fruits and vegetables helps us to beat the heat. Chilled fresh juices, ice creams, seasonal vegetables like cucumber, mangoes are always favourite for all of us. Raw mangoes are one among them. We can do many different dishes using raw mangoes. We can do pickles, pachadi, Aam Panna, Stew and many more dishes. Here, I have given the recipe for Raw Mango rice. Raw mango rice is a very delicious rice variety and the preparation of this yummy rice variety is similar to lemon rice and hence so easy to make. We can also pack this as lunch box dish for the kids!

Chips are all time favorite for kids and all of us. Instead of buying from shops we can make homemade chips which are free from preservatives and other chemicals. Homemade Sweet Potato chips are crispy and crunchy and hygienic too. Instead of usual potatoes, we can make these chips little healthier by using sweet potato. Sweet Potato are nutrition rich and very good for health. But many of us doesn't like it because of its sweetness. Sweet potato puree is very healthy for babies. So in one way, we are adding sweet potato in a crunchy way

Drumstick Leaves are very rich in Iron. It is very healthy dish to include in our routine diet. We can make many different dishes using drumstick leaves. Drumstick Leaves Stew (Murungai Keerai Kootu) is one such dish. A very healthy and iron and protein rich dish that will make our diet healthy. We are concocting drumstick leaves along with protein rich moong dal and also with coconut based spice paste. A vert tasty and delicious dish, best served with any South Indian Main dishes. 

Panchamel dal is a traditional dal variety from Rajastani Cuisine. It is Protein rich dish as we need to concoct 5 different dal along with Indian Spices. This is one of the no onion no garlic dal. 5 different days such as whole green moong, toor dal, channa dal, masoor dal and split urad dal are soaked for few hours and then pressure cooked and concocted with tomato based spice masala. A wonderful healthy accompaniment for any Indian flat bread like roti, naan, kulcha and also nice with jeera rice and other rice varieties.

Aloo Channa Chaat is one of the popular Indian Chaat. Potato, chick peas are mixed with Chaat chutney and other spices. A sweet and tangy snack for the evening. We can find this dish in most of the restaurants, office pantries and also in road side shops. The potatoes and chick peas is so stuffy and make us feel full. As we all know chick peas is rich in proteins, this is one of the healthiest snack.