Carrot Coconut Burfi is a little twist to our conventional coconut burfi. Just adding carrots to the coconut not only enhances the flavour but also makes this unique and appetizing. Sugary sweets are always calorie rich. But once a while we can have this delicious burfi. Especially for festivals like Diwali, this is one of the unique treat to your family and friends.  

Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe
Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time5 mins
Cooking Time40 mins
Yield15 Burfis
Recipe CategorySweet
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe
Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe

Grated Coconut1 Cup*
Grated Carrot1 Cup
Sugar2 Cups
Water1 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/2 Teaspoon
Ghee2 Tablespoon

* 1 Cup = 250ml
Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe
Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe

  1. Grease a tray with ghee and set it aside
  2. In a pan, add the ghee. Add grated coconut and carrot and saute in ghee for 4-5 minutes till the raw smell of the carrot goes off and you get a nice aroma.  Take this aside
  3. In another pan, add sugar and water. Allow the sugar to get dissolved. Add cardamom Powder 
  4. Keep stirring the sugar syrup till the syrup gets thicken up and forms a one string consistency. If you take a drop of syrup and rub between your thumb and index finger, then a string should form, this is the right consistency
  5. Once the one-string consistency is formed, add the carrot-coconut mixture and start stirring
  6. Initially the burfi mixture will look like so watery. Keep stirring, till it gets thicken up and doesn't stick to the sides of the pan
  7. Switch off the flame and pour the mixture to the greased tray. Grease the back of a spoon with ghee and level the mixture in the tray. Allow it to cool off and then cut into square shaped pieces
  8. Store the delicious carrot Coconut Burfi in an air-tight container and enjoy the sweet!
  9. Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe
    Carrot Coconut Burfi Recipe

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