Kids Lunch box Ideas and Recipes

Lunch is very important during the school day for the children to restore the flagging energy and boost concentration. It’s a crucial meal on which the child depends for a third of their daily nutritional requirements so it’s not an exaggeration to say that how well your child does at school depends on what you provide for them in their lunchbox. The children who don’t eat a proper meal struggle to take in information in the second half of the day and may suffer from behavioral problems. Their overall health can also suffer if they regularly do without key vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron.

What a packed lunch should include?

Carbohydrate : Carb's are the source of energy.  Rice, pasta, noodles and dal’s (lentils) are rich in Carb’s.   Sandwiches also very good source of carbs.

Protein: This is important for the healthy growth.  There are many source of protein are available for non-vegetarians, but for vegetarian the source of Proteins are Nuts, Dals, Chickpeas and Diary products such as cheese, yogurt or milk.

Fruit & Vegetables: Nutrients suggest at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day for healthy children. Out of 5 portions, 2 portions need to be consumed at lunchtime or in breaks.  Its easy enough to slip the vegetables into a side dish for the lunch or sandwich and few pieces of fruits or fruit juices as part of the lunch box.

Water: Water is very important to keep the kids hydrated and sustain their concentration.  If the quality of the water that the kids get in the school is not satisfactory, then it’s safe to provide a water in a small bottle.  Any other drink such as fruit juice or milk should additional to that.

Click the link below for the yummy Kids Lunch Box Recipes

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Packing the kids healthier lunches for school seems to be important to help them keep up through the day. Good read.

Making your kids lunch Box attractive is absolutely creative work. Preparing food for your little one may be easy, but decorating the lunch box is very difficult job

This is very interactive fruit salad decoration .kids will eat this healthy food

fruit salad decoration ideas

Super Recipe.I am great fan of your recipes. Try these mouth watering recipes and healthy lunchbox ideas.



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