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What are Millets?

Millets are one of the oldest foods known to humans and possibly the first cereal grain to be used for domestic purposes. They are one of the food that are in great demand especially in India now, because of its nutrition rich properties.  Generally the millets are small-grained, annual, warm-weather cereals belonging to grass family. It is highly tolerant to extreme weather conditions such as drought and the millets are nutritious compared to the major cereals such as rice and wheat.They are rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium and B vitamins. More over these millets release sugar slowly in the blood and also diminish the glucose absorption. These properties of the minor millets made the present consumers attracted towards the consumption of millet.  

Importance of Millets:

Millets are highly nutritious and it is the anti-acid forming good. Thats why they are easy to digest. Nowadays we are getting only polished rice which release more glucose and the risk of diabetics is more. But millets release less percentage of glucose over a long period of time so the risk of diabetes is lower in millets. 
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Types of Millets:

Major minor millets are 
  1. Finger Millet (Tamil : Ragi, Hindi: Jhangora)
  2. Pearl Millet (Tamil: Kambu, Hindi: Bajra)
  3. Barnyard Millet (Tamil: Kuthiraivali, Hindi: Jhangora)
  4. Little millet (Tamil: Samai, Hindi: Kutki
  5. Kodo Millet (Tamil: Varagu Arisi, Hindi: Kodra)
  6. Proso Millet (Tamil: Panivaragu, Hindi: Barri)
  7. Sorghum (Tamil: Cholam, Hindi: Jowar)
  8. Foxtail millet (Tamil: Thinai, Hindi: Kangni)

How to cook millets?

Millets are easy to cook. It is similar to how we cook rice. So, we can easily make millets as an alternate to rice.We can make all dishes that we use rice like Idli, dosa, adhirasam, pongal etc. Even we can replace millet flour to make rotis. 


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