Manoharam Recipe | Sweet Murukku Recipe
A Traditional South Indian Sweet !

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Adjust Servings:
Ingredients for Thenkuzhal
1 Cup Rice Flour 1 Cup - 250 ml
1 Tablespoon Urad Dal Flour Dry Roast Urad dal & Grind it to a powder
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
2 Teaspoon Butter
For Deep Frying Oil
For Jaggery Syrup
1 Cup Grated Jaggery
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Teaspoon Dry Ginger Powder (Sukku Powder)
1/4 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder
Other Ingredients
2 Tablespoon for dusting hands and making balls Rice Flour

Nutritional information

10 g
22 g
2 g
10 g

a Perfect Jaggery based Ladoo, healthy & Tasty!

  • Naivedyam (Offering to God)
  • Traditional Recipes


  • Ingredients for Thenkuzhal

  • For Jaggery Syrup

  • Other Ingredients



Manoharam, a sweet version of Thenkuzhal. This is one of the traditional and conventional sweet made in most of the Tamil Brahmin houses. For most auspicious occasions like marriage, seemandham etc, its a tradition to make Manoharam as a seer bakshanam.

For festivals and other auspicious occasions, North Arcot and Tanjore tamil brahmins  have a custom of making Paruppu thengai as seer bakshanam. Paruppu Thengaai is a cone shaped sweet made out of any recipe. We can make different variety of Paruppu thengai like Coconut burfi, Manoharam, Mysorepak, Pottukadalai / Verkadalai urundai, Boondi Ladoo etc.

There are decorative cones available in Indian Cooking Utensils Shop. First we have to make any of the above said sweets, and once the sweet is ready, we need to pour that sweet inside the ghee applied cone and using a spatula we have to pat it so it gets properly filled in the cone. Leave the cone aisde for sometime for setting and the paruppu thengai will be ready!

Manoharam is one of the yummiest and easiest Sweet we can make for Diwali. Most of us make Thenkuzhal regularly. We can easily prepare using rice flour, urad dal flour, salt, butter and then we need to deep fry the thenkuzhal till they are crispy and then we have to break the fried thenkuzhal it roughly. Then once we prepare the jaggery syrup in a right consistency, we have to add it to the broken thenkuzhal and then mix well and then make lemon sized balls out of the mixture and the Manoharam will be ready!

Video Making of Manoharam | Sweet Murukku

Manoharam | Sweet Murukku
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10 mins

Preparing Thenkuzhal Dough

In a bowl, add rice flour, urad dal flour (Dry roast urad dal and grind it to smooth powder), salt and butter and mix everything well. Then add water little by little and knead it to a smooth dough. Now the thenkuzhal dough is ready!

30 mins

Deep Frying Process

Heat oil in a pan. Take the achu (Press & Mould) and put in a 3 hole mould plate and then put 2 handfull of dough into the press and mould and then squeeze it in oil to make thenkuzhal. Deep fry Thenkuzhal till crispy. Take out the crispy thenkuzhal and keep on paper towel to drain excess oil. Repeat this step till the dough is finished. Once the murukku is ready, break the murukku roughly and set it aside

10 mins

Preparing Jaggery Syrup

Heat water in a sauce pan and add grated jaggery and melt it completely. Strain the jaggery juice to get rid of dirt. Heat the strained jaggery juice and bring it to boil. Add ginger powder and cardamom powder and mix well.


Keep boiling till we get soft ball consistency. If you add drop of jaggery juice in a bowl of water, you should be able to make a soft ball out of the drop. Once the soft ball consistency is reached, switch off the flame and remove the jaggery syrup from flame.

20 mins

Making Manoharam

Pour the jaggery syrup in the broken thenkuzhal and give a good mix. Allow the jaggery coated thenkuzhal to cool off for 3-4 mins and then dust your palms and fingers with rice flour and make lemon sized balls out of the manoharam mixture. First make rough balls and then try to shape them perfectly. Because before the manhoram gets cooled off fully we need to make the balls or else we can't make it. If we are using a cone to make paruppu thengai, then pour the manoharam once it is ready inside the ghee greased cone and pat it gently so that the cone is filled evenly and smoothly. Then allow it to set completely


Serving Time

Serve the delicious Manoharam and enjoy the tasty sweet

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