Pumpkin Kootu | Parangikai Kootu | Yellow Pumpkin Kootu (Stew)
Yellow Pumpkin cooked with Moong Dal & Coconut Paste

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Adjust Servings:
250 gms Pumpkin (Yellow)
1/4 cup Moong Dal 1 cup = 250 ml
a pinch Turmeric Powder
To Taste Salt
For Tempering
1 Teaspoon Oil
1 Teaspoon Mustard Seeds
few Curry Leaves
For Grinding
2 Tablespoon Grated Coconut
1 Red Chili
1 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds

Nutritional information

250 g
22 g
33 g
8 g
11 g

Traditional Stew - Taste of Pumpkin mixed with the flavor of Coconut Jeera Paste

  • Traditional Recipes


  • For Tempering

  • For Grinding



Pumpkin Kootu is made using Yellow Pumpkin (Parangikai), Moong dal & ground coconut.  The nice aroma and flavor of Pumpkin with coconut, cumin ground paste is very appetizing and tasteful.  Pumpkin fruit is one of the widely grown vegetables that is incredibly rich in vital antioxidants, and vitamins. This low-calorie vegetable contains vitamin A and also rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Pumpkin added in vathakuzhambu, sambar brings a nice aroma and flavor to the dishes. Same way, Pumpkin Kootu  (Parangikai Kootu) are very delicious and can be served as side dish for sambar or other kuzhambu varieties. We can also mix this yummy stew with white rice and have it.

Video version of making Pumpkin Stew

Yellow Pumpkin Stew | Parangikai Kootu

Note :

  1. You can ignore the dal and make the stew only with Coconut-Jeera- Red Chili Paste
  2. Spice it Up – Instead of plain Coconut Jeera paste, you can fry the chana dal, coriander seeds & Red Chili in a teaspoon of oil and then add with Coconut -Jeera, to give additional flavor and taste
  3. Some people add the Tomato puree to the Stew. If you like Tomato, then you can add it while adding the pumpkin.
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5 mins

Let's start with the chopping !

Chop the skin of the pumpkin and chop it into rough pieces.

15 mins

Cook the Dal and Pumpkin

Cook moong dal along with pumpkin, salt and turmeric powder in pressure cooker till soft. Generally pumpkin get easily cooked on stove top itself. So we could just cook the dal alone in pressure cooker. Anyhow for stew if the vegetable gets mashed up also no issues.

5 mins

Grind the Coconut

Grind all the grinding ingredients (Grated coconut, Red Chili, Cumin Seeds) to a nice powder or paste. Grind it without adding water (dry grinding)

5 mins

Let's do the Tempering

Heat a pan and add oil and when the oil is hot, add mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds starts to sputter, add curry leaves and add cooked dal and pumpkin and mix well.

5 mins

Add the ground coconut to the stew

Add the ground coconut powder to the cooked pumpkin and mix well. Allow the stew to boil for 5 minutes and remove from flame


Serving Time

Serve this yummy Pumpkin kootu with any kuzhambu varieties or with plain rice

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Hello Mami, I am a big lover of kootu. but want to know just the kootu and rice alone will do are will you be serving kootu with dry curry or sambar or rasam? if sambhar or rasam won't it be two liquid dishes for rice?
i want the menu combos mami.. is there one like that? or its upto us to make the combos.

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