Thattai Recipe
Crispy and yummy Snack!

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Adjust Servings:
1 Cup Rice Flour 1 Cup - 250ml
1 Teaspoon Urad Dal Flour Roast urad dal and grind it to powder
0.5 Teaspoon Red Chili Powder
0.25 Teaspoon Asafoetida (Asafetida / Hing)
As Needed Salt
2 Teaspoon Finely sliced Coconut
2 Teaspoon Roasted Gram Dal (Pottukadalai / Dhaliya)
Few Curry Leaves
For Frying Oil
1 Tablespoon Butter

Nutritional information

5 g
10 g

a South Indian snack traditionally made during Krishna Jeyanthi, Diwali and also for Karthigai Deepam

  • Naivedyam (Offering to God)
  • Tea Time Snacks
  • Traditional Recipes




Thattai is a authentic and traditional SouthIndian crispy snack. We make thattai for many festivals like Krishna Jayanthi or even for a regular evening snack. A simple to make snack with rice flour. We can use the same dough we make for Salt Seedai and instead of making small seedai, we can make thattai out of that dough. The only change is adding of spice like pepper powder or red chilli powder to the thattai which is not added to salt seedai. Try this crispy and crunchy thattai and share your comments!

My MIL used to make thattai by soaking and grinding parboiled rice along with red chili powder, salt and hing. Since its made with parboiled rice we can’t keep it as an offering for festivals. Instead for a home snack, we can try that version of thatti too. As the spice is mainly red chili powder for parboiled rice thattai it will be more spicier than rice flour based thattai.

For other traditional snacks like ribbon pakoda, puzhungal arisi kai murukku, thenkuzhal and other snacks click here. There is also an Andhra Version of Thattai which they call as “Nippatulu” . For the festivals like Krishna jayanthi, Diwali, Karthigai Deepam etc we make this yummy and crispy Thattai.

Quicker Video Version of making of Thattai


Detailed video of Thattai



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5 mins

Dough Preparation

Take a pan, add rice flour, urad dal flour, salt, red chilli powder, hing, sliced coconut pieces, curry leaves, fried gram, butter and mix it well. Sprinkle water and mix all these ingredients to make it a thick dough

30 mins

Making of Thattai

Take a piece of plastic paper, spread oil in the paper, make small ball of the flour, and keep it in paper. Grease the fingers with oil and press the ball to flatten it. Make the patties really thin and prink each thattai with a fork or a tooth pick in many places. Pricking makes the oil penetrates to the inner portion of the thattai and cooks the inner portion well. If the inner portion of thattai is now cooked, then the thattai will be chewy. Also if you miss the pricking, then sometimes, the thattai will become like a poori. So pricking is an important step.

30 mins

Deep Frying Process

Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Slowly turn the plastic paper over your palm. The greased plastic will enable flattened thattai to slip on your hands easily.


Turn them to cook evenly until golden yellow/ deep brown. Allow the thattai to cook till all the bubbles ceases and also keep the flame in medium till the thattai is cooked completely. Drop them on a paper towel to drain excess oil. Once cooled, store them in an air tight container.


Serving Time

The delicious Thattai is ready for neivedhyam and for serving.

Sowmya Venkatachalam

IT Engineer turned full time Food Blogger. I ♡ FOOD. I also love food blogging. Did you make a recipe? Tag @Subbusktichen on Instagram. I WANNA SEE!

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Mam, I am Lalitha Baburaj. I was able to do Chakli,appam, Uppu and Vella cheedai, in a good manner and they were well appreciated. But for thattai which at first dis integrated when I put it in hot oil for frying. Then I thought that butter content may be more so I added some odacha kadalai mavu and tried again it came out like small pooris. I Just thought that you can prescribe a remedy for my thattai's inflammation. Thank you.

Hello Mami

I tried thattai sedai with urad dhal powder. 1 tumbler roasted rice powder to 11/2 table spoons roasted ural dhal powder. First day it was very cripsy and tasty. Next day it turned soggy (Namathu poiduthu). Not sure whether it is because of mixture or container I used to store. Container is a good tupperware dabba. Can you please advice?

hello mam,

whenever we say Rice flour for bakshanam, does it mean it is always raw rice soaked, shadow dried and ground to a powder?
do we also have to roast it?

Hi, Yes, when we make homemade rice flour,we should always roast it for couple of minutes and again run through the sieve to get a smooth rice flour. when we grind the rice in the mixer, the flour would be a little damp, so we need to roast it till the flour is warm. This will make the rice flour have longer shelf life. Only for Adhirasam, we use the freshly ground rice flour instead of roasting.

Hi Aunty,

i tried thattai once as ppl said in these post … everytime i try came out like puri or came like its baked and not fried. Taste was so good but it was not crispy.
I made thin patties but still its not crispy … 🙁
My husband loves these kind of snacks." He loves to eat and i love to cook" pls tell me what should i do.

Hi Chamundeeswari,
We need to prick each thattai in many places which allow the oil to penetrate into the thattai and make it cook inside. If you have seen the video I have explained it. Somehow, I forgot to mention the pricking part in my instructions in text. I will add it now. Please try pricking and also fry the thattai till all the bubbles are gone then take it out and also you need to fry them in medium flame till all the bubbles stop.

Sorry, I have never tried used idly batter and not sure how it will work as an alternate to urdal powder. making urid dal powder takes only less time. so, I would advice you to make urdal powder.

The Urad dal measurement on this page (1 tsp) varies with the measurement mentioned in the video (1 tbsp). Please clarify which one is correct. Love your website. Thanks.

add some oil to the dough and mix well and then bake it. without oil, the baked thattai will be very hard. to be honest i have not tried with thattai. I usually bake maddur vada which is made using wheat flour. im not sure how the rice flour thatti will be baked. sorry i coudnt be sure of this baking process

First attempt and it was super crisp and yummy.I was a bit apprehensive as I had added dessicated coconut and forgot to prick before frying,yet it clicked.Thanks much!

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