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Adhirasam | Athirasam

Adhirasam is a traditional sweet dish which will be done for most of the festivals. A Very delicious sweet made with rice flour and jaggery. For most of the auspicious occasions and festivals, adhirasam is one of the important sweet prepared.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Dough Resting Time1 d
Total Time1 d 50 mins
Course: Sweet
Cuisine: Indian, South Indian, Tamilnadu
Servings: 12 Adhirasam
Calories: 302kcal
Author: Sowmya Venkatachalam


  • Heavy Bottomed Pan


  • 1 Cup Raw Rice 1 Cup = 250ml
  • 1 Cup Grated Jaggery
  • ½ tsp Cardamom Powder
  • ¼ Litre Cooking Oil


Method for making Rice Flour

  • Rinse the raw rice in water atleast couple of times. Then add fresh water to the raw rice to soak them well and leave the raw rice to get soaked for atleast an hour. After an hour, drain the water from rice and spread it in a clean white towel to get it dried. 
  • It could take atleast 5 to 10 minutes to get dried. If you take the rice in your hand, you should feel damp in your palm or fingers. If you are going to prepare larger quantities then drying of rice takes more time. Also, if we are going  to grind the rice in a mixer, then we should grind it immediately after the rice got dried. Immediately grinding the dried rice in a mixer helps us to get more smooth rice flour without any lumps. If we leave the dried rice for a long time, then we would not get smooth flour in the mixer. But if we are planning to grind it in a rice mill, then it should not be a problem.
  • Grind the rice in the mixer to a nice powder. Normally we don’t get any lumps. But we should sieve it couple of time to get a smooth rice flour. If we get any lumps while we sieve, again add the lumps of rice flour to the mixer and grind it again to a smooth flour and again sieve it. 
  • Repeat the sieve process again and again till we get a smooth and nice rice flour. Now our rice flour is ready

Method for making Jaggery Syrup

  • Add jaggery in a pan with 1/2 cup of water and when it dissolves, strain the jaggery water to remove dirt and sand
  • Again boil the jaggery water and keep stirring it until the jaggery comes to stone consistency. This means when we take a drop of jaggery juice and pour it in water, it should not dissolve rather we should be able to make a ball out of it. It should not be hard as well. This is the right consistency. When you allow the syrup more than the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will become hard. If the syrup is taken before the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will break while frying. You should be very careful at this stage.
  • When you take the jaggery syrup from the bowl, you should be able to roll into a ball and also when you drop it it should make a sound while hitting the ground / plate. This is the right consistency of jaggery syrup. Now remove the jaggery from flame and add to the wet rice powder and mix it well along with cardamom powder.
  • Mix well, so that no lumps are formed till you get chappathi dough consistency. Now the adhirasam mixture is ready for preparation.. Keep this adhirasam mixture aside for at least one day. The next day, again knead the adhirasam dough and if you feel it is too sticky, you can add little rice flour or if the dough is too dry you can sprinkle little butter milk and knead it well.

Deep Frying Process

  • Heat required oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Make a small ball of the adhirasam mixture and place it in a oil greased plastic paper. I have cut a zipper cover into 2 sheets. I have placed the small ball of adhirasam dough in the center of 1 zipper cover which is greased with oil. Cover that with another half of the zipper cover 
  • Using a flat bottomed bowl or lid press the ball to make it flat. We need slightly thicker adhirasam so do not press too much. 
  • Grease your fingers with oil and gently take out the pressed adhirasam from zipper cover and drop it in hot oil. Keep the flame in medium and allow the adhirasam to get fried in oil. We have to fry the adhirasams one by one only. If we add more adhirasam to the oil, the chances of breaking is too high. 
  • When the adirasam gets cooked on the bottom side, it will automatically rises up in the oil. Gently using a spatula turn the adhirasam to the other side and allow it to cook for another minute. Then hold your spatula on your left hand and take out the adhirasam from oil. Using another flat spatula, gently press the center of the fried adhirasam ti squeeze out the excess oil from the adhirasam. Do not press too much otherwise the adhirasam will break. So gently do it. Repeat the above steps for the rest of mixture and fry all the adhirasams
  • The Delicious Adhirasam is ready for Neivedhyam for Thirukarthigai/Karthigai deepam as well as for serving.



  1. Traditionally we use only jaggery. I have not tried with Palm jaggery or sugar
  2. The measure of jaggery is for the rice and not for rice flour. 1 Cup jaggery is for 1 cup Rice not for the Rice Flour
  3. If jaggery measure is more then the adhirasam will get split in the oil
  4. The consistency of the jaggery syrup is the main success criteria for this Adhirasam. The jaggery syrup should be "Soft Ball" Consistency. If you take a drop of syrup and add it to a bowl of water, then you should be able to roll into a ball but the ball should be soft and not hard and also it should not get dissolved in water. This soft ball consistency is the main step in getting softer Adhirasam
  5. The prepared Adhirasam dough (rice flour with jaggery) should be kept aside for at least a day. The sourness of the dough is the second success criteria for soft Adhirasam. If we deep fry the adhirasam just after the dough is prepared, then the adhirasam will be crispier and not soft
  6. I have tried to make adhirasam once with Store bought rice flour. Obviously the quality of adhirasam is more with homemade rice flour. We need freshly ground rice flour for adhirasam which has a little dampness in it. But if we plan to make with store bought rice flour then we can roast the flour till its warm and then use it
  7. The adhirasam dough after fermentation will be thick and not sticky. If the dough is very sticky, then we can add 1-2 teaspoon of rice flour and give a good mix. Then the dough will become like a chapati dough. If the dough is very crumbly in texture
  8. Always we need to try making only one adhirasam first to check if adhirasam is not splitting in hot oil. If the adhirasam splits in hot oil, do not panic. Add 1-2 teaspoon of rice flour in the dough and mix well and try making adhirasam patti and deep fry it 


Serving: 1Adhirasam5 | Calories: 302kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 5g