Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice

Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice, a very refreshing beverage to beat the heat of summer. Cucumbers belong to the gourd family and is widely consumed in summer season to beat the heat, keep the body cool and stay hydrated. Cucumber combined with mint leaves and lemon gives a wonderful flavor and refreshes our body.

Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice
Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice

Preparation time5 mins
Cooking Time5 mins
Yield8-10 Glasses

Cucumber 500 grams
Mint Leaves15 leaves
Sugar1/2 Cup*
Water3 Cups
Ice Cubes1 cup

* 1 Cup Capacity = 250ml
** Adjust the Lemon juice depends on your taste

Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice
Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice

  1. Wash the cucumbers and chop it in cubes or rings. Pluck fresh mint leaves and wash it and add the chopped cucumbers, mint leaves and sugar to the juicer

  2. Grind the cucumber, mint leaves and sugar to a nice and smooth juice by adding 3 cups of water. Squeeze the lemon and extract the juice and keep it ready.

  3. Add crushed ice cubes to the pitcher. Using a strainer add the cucumber juice and lemon juice to the pitcher. Adjust sugar and lemon juice if needed

  4. Serve the healthy and tasty Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice chilled and enjoy the drink!
  5. Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice
    Cucumber-Mint-Lemon Juice

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