Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)

I' m a big fan of Brinjal and tried to do lots of different dishes using Brinjal. Some people dont like brinjal, but I bet they will start liking brinjal when they try this Vaangi Bath recipe. Vangi Bath or Brinjal Rice is very popular dish in Karnataka. A delectably yummy dish made with brinjal and a special spice powder. This vangi bath powder is the magic behind this yummy dish. This is a perfect dish for potluck or party dish.  Quick, simple, yet very delicious rice variety.

Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Recipe CategoryRice Variety
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)
Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)

Cooked Rice 2 Cups
Brinjal1/4 Cup
Salt1/4 teaspoon
Oil2 tablespoon
Turmeric1/4 teaspoon

Ingredients for Vangi bath Powder:
Channa dal2 teaspoon
Urid dal2 teaspoon
Red Chillies2
Oil2 teaspoon
Turmeric1/4 teaspoon
Coriander Seeds1 tablespoon
Grated Coconut2 teaspoon
Hing1/4 teaspoon
Sesame Seeds1/4 teaspoon

Ingredients for Seasoning:
Oil2 teaspoon
Cumin Seeds1 teaspoon

Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)
Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)

  1. Cook the basmati rice fluffy and nicely and keep it ready

  2. Chop the onion vertically and keep it aside
  3. Wash and chop the brinjals into small cubes and keep it aside
  4. Keep a pan in a flame, add brinjals, turmeric and oil and toss well and keep in medium flame and allow it to cook completely and get roasted. Take the roasted and cooked brinjals separately

  5. Heat another pan, add oil and when the oil is hot, add dals and fry till the dals turn golden brown color. Take it in a mixer. Add sesame seeds, coconut, hing and turmeric and fry till the coconut turns slight golden color

  6. Grind all the fried ingredients in a mixer to a fine powder

  7. Heat oil in a pan, add cashews and fry it till they turn golden brown color. Take this aside

  8. Now add cumin seeds to the hot oil and allow them to sputter

  9. Add chopped onions and add a pinch of salt and mix well and allow the onions to turn transparent and slightly brown

  10. Now add the chopped and cooked brinjal pieces and mix well along with necessary salt. Keep in flame for 2 minutes

  11. Add the vangibath powder and mix well and keep in flame for another 5 minutes

  12. Add the cooked rice to the brinjal fry

  13. Mix the cooked rice nicely and add the cashew nuts and mix well

  14. The scrumptious and mild spicy Vaangi Bath is ready to serve with any raitha. Vaangi bath goes very well with cucumber raitha or onion Raitha
  15. Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)
    Brinjal Rice(Vaangi Baath)

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You don't need basmati rice. there are so many varieties of South indian rice for example, ponni, sambha, sona masuri which is from andhra/karnataka. I don't know why always basmati? it gives a north indian flavour to all the south indian dishes.

bit confused with step5. You mention to fry the dals and take to the mixer and then add coconut, sesame seeds, hing and turmeric and fry them. The picture below looks like we fry the dals, coconut, turmeric all together. Please confirm.

Hi, I tried this and it came out well.I did this with some alterations. I fried dals and coriander seeds in oil and i dry roasted coconut and sesame seeds.Then i grind everything together.Also, i prepared this without onions but still it tasted very well.I am not an egg plant lover, but when i cooked this, i liked it.Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Hello Subbu Mam
Thank you for the Delicious recipe. My dauhter is 4.5 years old and normally she does not prefer eating rice. Today to my surprise, she was asking for a second serving :))
I exactly followed as you had suggested step by step and the Brinjal Rice/ Vaangi baath was a rice-delicacy!! Cooking is an Art, where all can play a part but very few can make a mark...and a handful of people can make others do the same wonder they do.. you are one among them :) Thank you for your sharing!
A.Sivambika, Mumbai

Dear Sivambiga Mam, Thanks for your kind words and glad to hear that your daughter liked our recipe. These words are real encouragement for us to serve better. Thanks.

My husband and I love brinjal and I thought I'll make Vaangi Baath today. As usual, your website is my go to place when i need new recipe inspiration... so when i saw this i thought who would go through the hassle of grinding the spice so late at night... normally i uses MTR Vaangi baath masala.. but since i didnt have it. i thought lets go ahead and try it. I made the spice mix and added it to the brinjal (only alteration i made, was to add a little bit of sugar to it)... just adding it to the brinjal mix made it taste sooooooooooooooooo good... i added the rice.. it tastes great... but i think this weekend i'll buy extra brinjal... and make a spicy brinjal curry using your spice mix... thank you so much for all your recipes. Really really appreciate it.

Great recipe, thanks. Suggestion: It may confusing for English speaking folks. You place a pan on the flame not in the flame. Also, you put the cashews aside not take the cashews. I hate to be picky, you are doing a wonderful job with the recipes. These details matter for non-Indian readers.

Keep posting, recipes.

Today I tried out this recipe which turned out to be awesome. As anuradha balaji said its better to dry roast coconut and sesame as they tend to be sticky and form lumps when powdered if they are roasted with oil. And I replaced cashews by peanuts which gave it a bit more south Indian touch(more over it helped me to be calorie conscious). Thanks for the recipe and I hope my hubby too loves it this way.

Good recipe. It came out really well. Thanks very much and keep posting such good recipes.

Tomorrow I am going2 try it..sure I comment..

Tomorrow I am going2 try it..sure I comment..

Came really nice with nice flavour as I added dhaniya seeds in masala..I did in cooker with 2 whistles.thanks for the recipe.

Semma recipe! Used a different kind of rice already cooked earlier in the day... And fried onions separately to use as a topping for only those who east opinions in our family. Loved how it turned out. Was a hit with cucumber raitha! Thanks so much for posting this!

Would have been better if d quantity of raw rice is mentioned. Thank you.

Hi, if we cook 1 cup raw rice, we would get 2 cups cooked rice

Hello maamis,
i love all your recipes especially the rasams.
I had doubt. if i use coconut would the powder get spoilt . Normally the items with coconut wont stay for long so my doubt.

Thank you



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