Paneer Fingers

This time from the shop, instead of the Paneer cubes, I bought paneer bar as I have planed to make crispy Paneer Fingers. Paneer Fingers, a yummy, crispy appetizer / starter dish. A very simple dish to concoct. A small twist which I have used here in the below recipe is adding of peanuts along with bread crumbs, which makes a nice coat to the paneer fingers and also the broken peanuts relishes the dish with additional flavor. A sure hit dish for any parties or even for Potluck! Try this yummy dish and let me know your comments!!!

Paneer Fingers
Paneer Fingers

Preparation Time10 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Servings4 persons

Paneer Fingers
Paneer Fingers


Whole Paneer200gms
Red Chilli Powder1 teaspoon
Maida / All purpose flour1/2 Cup
Corn Flour1/4 Cup
Pepper Powder1 teaspoon
Coriander Powder1/2 teaspoon
Bread Crumbs1/2 Cup / 100gms
Peanuts1/2 Cup / 100gms
Salt To Taste
OilFor Frying

Paneer Fingers
Paneer Fingers

  1. I used store bought Frozen Paneer Bar for making this paneer fingers. Defreeze the paneer bar and cut it vertically to approximately 2 Inch length pieces. Add Red Chilli powder, coriander powder and salt and mix well and marinate the paneer pieces and set aside for 15 minutes

  2. Take a bowl and add maida, corn flour, pepper powder and salt and add water little by little and make it to a paste. Do not dilute too much as we need to coat each of the paneer pieces in this paste. Take paneer pieces one by one and coat it in the prepared paste

  3. Take the bread crumbs in a flat plate. Grind the peanuts in the mixer to a fine powder. 

  4. Mix the peanuts powder and the bread crumbs and keep it ready for coating the paneer pieces. Then take the coated paneer piece and rub it in the breadcrumbs+peanut powder mixture

  5. Take the coated Paneer fingers and keep it in a plate. Repeat this step for rest of the paneer pieces. Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan for frying the paneer fingers. When the oil is hot enough, add 5-6 paneer fingers to the oil and keep the flame medium and fry the paneer fingers

  6. Gently turn the paneer fingers to fry evenly on all sides. Once the Paneer Fingers are fried and become golden brown color and become crispy, remove the crispy paneer fingers from oil and place it in a paper towel to drain the excess oil

  7. The crispy, spicy and yummy Paneer Fingers are ready to munch hot with tomato ketchup or mint chutney. Slurp!!!
  8. Paneer Fingers
    Paneer Fingers

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wow..looks tempting...will try it this weekend

Looks yummmm!!! Wanna try it but 1 small question.. do we have to roast the peanuts before grinding it??

Hi Lavanya, I used the roasted peanuts so i did not roast again. If you are going to use raw ones, please dry roast it before grinding.

Sunty.. ur awesome cook.. i proud that im also from your same roots.. from ravanasamudram! :D .. :D

please post Vadam recipes ,



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