Thengaai paal cake(Coconut milk cake) is a delicious sweet recipe. Its a bit time consuming recipe but very tasty and everyone in the family will surely like this.
Coconut Milk CakeIngredients:

Gram Flour1 cup
sugar3.5 Cup
Ghee3/4 Cup
Wheat flour1 cup
Cashew nuts20
kesari powder1 teaspoon

  • Take a flat plate and grease it with ghee and keep it aside
  • Grate the coconut and take 1/3rd part to fry and grind the remaining in a mixer to extract thick coconut milk.
  • Again grind the coconut by adding little water and take the 2nd milk separately
  • Again grind the coconut with water and take 3rd milk separately.
  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add 4 teaspoon of ghee and add gram flour and fry for a while till a good aroma comes. The flour should not become red color. Take the fried flour separately
  • Now the same way, add 4 teaspoon of ghee in the pan, and fry the wheat flour and take it aside
  • Add another 4 teaspoon of ghee and add broken cashews and grated coconut and fry it till the coconut becomes golden brown color
  • Heat another heavy bottomed pan and add the 2nd and 3rd coconut milk along with sugar and stir continuously with a ladle
  • When the sugar syrup reaches thick string consistency, add the fried flours and fried coconut, cashew nuts and mix it well
  • When the mixture starts to boil, add the first coconut milk, and stir well. When the mixture starts to become thick, add ghee and stir well
  • Add kesari powder and cardamom stir well. When the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan remove the mixture from flame and pour it in the greasy plate
  • Allow the coconut milk cake to cool off
  • Now cut the cake mixture into square/diamond/rectangle shapes using knife
  • When the cake is dried off completely, remove each piece carefully and store it in a airtight container.
  • Now the delicious mouth-watering coconut milk cake is ready to serve
Note: If the mixture is removed from flame well before the actual time, then no need to worry, serve the sweet as coconut milk halwa.

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  1. can i use readymade coconut milk available in tetrapack?

  2. Hi Suhasini, If you don't get the fresh coconut, then you can try using the readymade coconut milk. It should work well, though i didn't try it yet.


  3. dear maami, i have taken a lot of tips about how to make a lot of recipes in the right way from this site, and thank you for the same.
    I wish to make this coconut milk cake next week; please tell me how much of coconut milk...i mean the 2nd and the 3rd milk (on an average) should i mix with the sugar before boiling? and the measurement of the 1st milk also, please let me know. thank you.