Madhangalil Sirandhadhu Margazhi

People generally say that margazhi is not a good month to perform any good events like marriages or subha festivals. In this month, all the 30 days our mind and soul should think only of God. This is the reason why no good festivals are performed in whole month. So i thought of sharing more about this month.


"In the month, I am Markazhi", said Lord Krishna!. Out of all tamil months, the best month is Margazhi. Hindu priests call this month as Dhanur month. It is a belief that, a devotee wake up very early in the morning and perform pooja during this month, he gains the benefit of doing pooja for the whole year. During olden days, people will sing bajans and go over each street. As per Indian mythology Aandaal performed pavai nonbu(feast) thinking about Lord Krishna during this month.

Most of the vaishnava famous priests and shaiva priests were born in this month and hence this is a very famous month. Hindus will chant Thirupavai and Thiruvampaavai and many more slokas.

Eligible girls looking for good husband will perform pavai nonbu to get the blessings of the God. During this month, in temples, priest will prepare sakarai pongal with ghee as neivedhyam for the God and hence vaishnavas will call this as "Gudaravalli".

One more important event is, during this month, we celebrate Hanumath Jayanthi on the day which is having Moolam as the star.

Even scientifically it has been proved that the ozone layer is very close to the earth during this month and hence breathing the fresh air early in the morning is very beneficial to out health. Thats why our ancestors had the habit of decorating the entrance of their home by rangolis and kolams during this whole month very early in the morning which will bring beauty and wealth to our home and in turn by the in-take of fresh air while putting kolam will improve our health.

Last but best is the Margazhi music season. Its not only music, but also dance and drama. Artists from various places gather together in thiruvaiyaru(birth place of music) and perform their talent which brings us happiness to everyone.

Considering all the above facts and myths we all get up early this month and perform pooja to get the blessings of the God.

Important Dates in Margazhi Month:

Vaikunta Ekadasi8-1-2017
Thiruvathirai 11-1-2017
Hanumath Jayanthi29-12-2016
Boghi Festival13-01-2017

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A very interesting blog! Following u :)


thanks for sharing the story behind every festival mami!our culture is so rich it so beautiful and facinating!I look forward to reading it!



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